You are not alone! The Premonition of Two Feelings Overlapping (独りじゃない!二つの気持ちが重なる予感 Hitori janai! Futatsu no Kimochi ga Kasanaru Yokan?) is the 4th episode of the season Futari Wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, the sequel to Futari Wa Pretty Cure, and also the 53rd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hikari tries to determine just who, or what Pretty Cure is as Nagisa tries to find another solution to deal with the noisy room guests without alerting anyone of their presence. In this time, Hikari and Pollun express a desire to help the Cures out.



Pollun feels sad

Nagisa is doing her homework for art class but struggles to find something befitting of inspiration. She spots the Bird Day decorations in the Shopping District and decides to draw them, quickly jotting down a picture. It doesn't turn out very well but she doesn't seem to care that much, even when some passerby's comment on it. Instead she runs for home to finish it.

In her bedroom, Mepple, Seekun, Wisdom, and the Elder comment on the poor drawing as well as they struggle to figure out just what it is. Meanwhile, Pollun has been feeling down since he met Hikari and was unable to figure things out so the others try helping him feel better- only to annoy Nagisa. To solve her frustration, she grabs them and heads over to Honoka's.

There, Honoka asks how they were able to come over, since Nagisa usually rides the train and they would have been easy to see. Nagisa explains that since it was so early nobody seemed to notice anything though, then asks if they can stay there for a while since her house is a lot bigger and there is less chance of them being discovered. Honoka agrees and the girls head to school once everything is situated.

Nagisa turns in her homework and is forced to explain what it is to her teacher, who critisizes it; although she makes an attempt to make Nasgia feel better to avoid discouraging her. She states that the only true thing that matters if that she had fun with it, but this makes everyone in class laugh at her.

Later on, in the hallway, Shiho and Rina comment on what happened as Honoka claims that despite the poor quality, Nagisa will probably still get an A for it anyway.

FwPCMH04 (2)

Nagisa and Honoka meeting Hikari again.

Outside Hikari is watching and thinks about the events of the other day, wondering what Pretty Cure is. Along with how she met Pollun. The Queen's voice reassures her that she should meet the two of them again to ask about it. She observes Nagisa's picture and thinks about things until she waits for the girls to leave.

After finding them she asks about Pretty Cure and Pollun, but before they can answer, Mepple and Mipple suddenly interupts them to make them leave for a conference between the four of them.

Away from Hikari the fairies voice how they believe to have met Hikari before; like they have known her for a long period of times. The girls are unsure, but can agree and return to find her gone. But they still wish to talk to her so they head over to Akane's, only to find out she didn't show up there yet.

FwPCMH04 (3)

The trio after seeing the Zakenna

The girls get a final ideas as to where to look and head into the shopping district, thinking that she may have seen Nagisa's drawing and may have wanted to see the actual thing. They manage to find Hikari and begin to try to explain what she witnessed- but just then, Circulas turns the statue in the decorations into a Zakenna and attacks them.

The girls don't want to transform in front of Hikari, but they know that as this is an emergency they can't really focus on that now. They don't want to risk someone's health and safety, so they transform and begin to fight Circulas and the Zakenna.

They realize soon enough how much they are struggeling, and Hikari wishes to help them but she knows she is unable to. Circulas asks about their relationship with her suddenly, but Cure Black demands that he leaves her alone, causing him to aim for her in an attack.
FwPCMH04 (4)

A pillar of light surrounds Hikari and Pollun

At Honoka's, Seekun and Pollun feel that something is off and right away Seekun escapes again. Leaving Wisdom, Elder, and Pollun to run after her.

Soon they wind up on the location of the girls fighting, and Pollun approaches Hikari. They both wish to help the girls out and Pollun claims if they were to combine their powers they can save them. The episode ends as the two become envoloped in light.

Major Events

  • Nagisa forces Elder, Wisdom and Seekun to live with Honoka while in the Garden of Rainbows
  • Hikari and Pollun unite with one another, leading to a miraculous light and the beginning of a transformation.





Secondary Characters


  • It is revealed that Nagisa is bad at drawing.


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