Nagisa's Great Parent-Child Battle? Neglecting a Mother's Heart!? (なぎさ親子で大バトル?母のココロ子知らず!? Nagisa oyako de dai batoru? Haha no kokoro koshirazu!??) is the 13th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, the sequel to Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 62nd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa gets into a big fight with her mother and feels remorse after realizing how much effort she puts into raising her and the family.


One late evening, Nagisa prepares to return the notes Honoka left behind when her mom asks her to put on something warmer, since it's getting cold during the evenings. She offers to go and grab something from Nagisa's bedroom, but she asks her not to since her room is "a little messy". Her mom tells her to put on something herself then, but Nagisa decides just to leave anyway and doesn't take her advice.

After she meets up with the girls, she repeats the story for them. Honoka claims to be a little jealous, because even if she wished to, she would be unable to get into an arguement with her parents due to living seperately. Akane comes by to call Hikari to come and do her chores afterwards, and Nagisa begins to sneeze; though she denies it is anything serious.

Later on, it is shown that she indeed has caught a cold and has a fever. Her mom comes to her room and brings up that Honoka and Hikari stopped by for a visit and Nagisa tries to get up to see them, only for her mom to tell her to just rest and that she can call them, since she sent them away to avoid exposure.

A while later Nagisa calls the girls up to chat with them and reveals that she will probably be in school the next day. They begin to talk about their recent battle, but the girls say that they will continue to protect Hikari; which touches her deeply. While she feels happy with this, she isn't entirely sure what to do to, so Nagisa suggests that she just continue to be herself. The world depends on her being protected, but they protect her because of their friendship.


Guardians at the Dark mansion

Meanwhile, a new Heartiel appears in the Garden of Rainbows.

The next morning, Nagisa brings up the worse dispute she recently got involved in with her mother. Mepple tries to repeat what he heard from the previous night, but Pollun worries over her mom saying "-mepo", due to how he repeated it. Nagisa is worried that they won't make up for the rest of her life, and is unsure of what to do to fix things.

As this is going on her mother is shown sneezing, having caught Nagisa's cold.

Meanwhile, Hikari attempts to determine what she can do to help her new friends out.

When Nagisa returns home from school she realizes her mom had a fever and she is asked to go grocery shopping with her dad. They had her mom write a chopping list first, then they take off.


Misumi Takashi recalls the past, when Nagisa was a child and got sick often

Upon arrival, the salesman recalls when Nagisa was just a little girl who would come to this very store, holding hands with her mother. Nagisa is reminded of her mom throughout the day and sees a saleswoman carrying a baby on her back. Her dad points out that not too long ago, Nagisa was like that. He recalls the past, when she was a child and got sick often. Her mom would worry over her every single time, and she carried a sick Nagisa to the hospital by herself on her back, because he was away at work. This causes Nagisa to understand that she was ignoring her mothers feelings by acting the way she did when she chose not to bother putting warmer clothes on.

She decides to go home in order to fix things with her mom when Circulas suddenly appears. Using a bridge from nearby, he summons a Zakenna. Just then, Honoka and Hikari show up and Circulas asks the trio when the Queen will be resurrected, along with asking if they have everything for it. The girls transform into Pretty Cure, along with Hikari changing to Shiny Luminous and the battle begins.

A Heartiel named Pyuan appears during this, which is noticed by Circulas and comments that although it is tiny it has a lot of power. Black and White use Marble Screw Max and defeat the Zakenna, allowing Nagisa to return home and see that her mother is fine, and eating odango. Nagisa begins to cry and confesses to being worried over her as she is joined by her dad, who says that he was unable to find corn, causing her mom to point out that he could have just purchased it from cans. As he reveals he ended being "pop corn", everyone starts laughing.

Main Events

  • The fourth Heartiel, Pyuan, appears for the first time
  • The guardians become aware of the Heartiels and their importance to the Queen's revival





Secondary Characters



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