Do Your Best, Lulun! Weave the Future With the Power of Light (頑張れルルン!未来を紡ぐ光の力 Ganbare RURUN! Mirai wo Tsumugu Hikari no Chikara?) is the 30th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, the sequel of Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 79th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls go for a trip to the Amusement Park and Hikari makes a vow to protect Lulun from harm. But Circulas shows up to get rid of her, angering the girls.


Nagisa is on her way to school as she recalls the previous days events.

After school the girls hang out at Tako Cafe and chat about it while watching Lulun follow Pollun around. Suddenly, Akane calls Hikari to remind her that her brea ended and she has to come back to work. The girls offer to help her but she claims it to be fine, which inspires Nagisa to reward Hikari for all of her hard work. With that she decides to bring her to the Amusement Park soon.


Lulun plays with a sleepy Pollun

That evening, Lulun plays with a sleepy Pollun. After he falls asleep, she isn't very tired yet and Hikari offers to play with her instead. Lulun compliments her kindness before commenting that she wants to be with everyone in the Garden of Rainbows, then wonders when she will have to return to the Garden of Light. Hikari mentions that she only knows of this place, and Lulun states that she is very happy here, being with everybody else.

Meanwhile, in the mansion of darkness, Uraganos was mad at Circulas because he said Lulun was huge, but she was tiny. Circulas points out that he never specified her size though, while Viblis worries as Baldez has yet to return. Unknown to them, the Boy in the mansion saw everything through the keyhole.

The next day, the girls head to the Amusement Park and start off their day of fun by riding a roller coaster. Mepple, Mipple, and Pollun also join them, but wear disguises with a pair of glasses made for them by Omupu and Shikarupu. As this goes on, Lulun takes a nap. The girls are shown making various reactions throughout this: Nagisa had a lot of fun, Honoka and the fairies were scared, and Hikari was shocked. While a bit dizzy, the girls recall how their friendship and days of being Pretty Cure began there. They recall how the Zakenna had actually been the roller-coaster they just rode. They also recall bringing Pollun here one day when he was sad.

Later, the girls reunite with Hikari and Lulun after a bit of separation. After realizing Lulun is trailing a balloon, the girls quickly follow her until Mepple and Mipple remark on the evil presence they feel. As they search for her the sky darkens.

Lulun continues to trail after the balloon, but after a little child catches it, she runs into it and he accidentally lets it go, causing her to float right into Circulas' grasp. She starts to cry and Pollun, feeling this, quickly finds them as Circulas questions who Lulun is. Nagisa claims that she is their friend, while Hikari states that she is only a child and doesn't know anything of interest for them. He refuses to release her though, so the girls transform into Pretty Cure and Shiny Luminous.

The trio are attacked by Circulas and they fall back. Luminous continues to fight, but she is thrown back again. Suddenly, Lulun's pendant starts to glow, along with Luminous'. Due to their bond, they have found a new strength. A light forms at Hikari's brooch and it grows in size, revealing that it has transformed into the Heartiel Brooch and became a protective shield, throwing Circulas far away.

The boy was playing in a mansion and he stops, feeling something odd. He gets up and starts to look out the window.

Black and White summoned Sparkle Bracelets and chase Circulas away with Marble Screw Max Sparkle. Shiny Luminous expresses surprise with her new brooch and they see that Lulun has fallen asleep in her commune form.

Major Events

  • Lulun grants Hikari a new locket that allows for her to access more of her power; likewise revealing the number of Heartiels returned to the Queen Chairlect when activated.





Secondary Characters



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