The Broken Haniwa! What Will Mai and Her Mom Do? (壊れた埴輪!どうする舞とお母さん "Kowareta Haniwa! Dō Suru Mai to Okaasan"?) is the 17th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 113th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Choppy tries to make things up to Mai after accidentally breaking her mothers precious Haniwa figure.



Mai has just finished making an omelet

As Saki takes notes, Mai has just finished making an omelet. She gets many compliments for a well done job but she assures Saki that she firmly believes she would be a better cook, because people who enjoy eating end up being great cooks. Saki decides to try to make another omelet after special training when Mai's mother, Kanako, joins them. The girls note how tired and run down she seems and she explains that she stayed up all night to finish paperwork.

At the table, she sits with a strange doll and offers to make the girls some tea, but in the process she accidentally falls over after bumping into the table. In hopes of waking her up the girls make some coffee, and Kanako explains that she's been awake for three days straight. Saki is beyond disbelief when told, so she explains how much work she has to do and how common this is since it cane take a long time. She explains the process, stating that they have to clean the items they find, categorize them, and write reports about them. Mai is quick to scold her mom for getting carried away and not tending to her health, and to prove her point, Kanako falls over again.

Later that day, Saki prepares to leave. Mai feels bad they couldn't teach her more but Saki doesn't mind. She comments on Kanako, but Mai claims that she has always been this way. Due to her work, she and her brother try to lend a hand during her hectic schedule. Saki compliments Mai and promises to do her best from this point on and takes off.

Mai resumes cleaning as Choppy watches. She spots the Haniwa doll sitting on some papers and approaches it for a closer look. Mai comments on how the doll resembles her a little, but to her surprise, she turns to find Choppy leaning on the papers- causing them to topple over and break the doll. Kanako awakens to this and comes in to find the remnants of the doll. Mai is quick to apologize for breaking it and while depressed, Kanako claims it is alright.

Meanwhile, in Dark Fall, Dorodoron got scolded by Akudaikan again.

At school, Saki notices how absent-minded Mai has been that day and asks her

Mai and Choppy explain what happened the other day

about it. Mai and Choppy explain what happened the other day after class ends, and she claims it was her own fault it broke since she wasn't careful. Saki doesn't really understand the problem though, since her mom forgave her, but Mai mentions that she caught her mom trying to fix the Haniwa doll later that evening. She had looked really sad, so Mai wants to make it up to her but has no idea how to.

Meanwhile, Michiru and Kaoru are discussing Pretty Cure while heading to the rooftop, where the girls are. They happen to notice that something seems wrong, then Michiru claims she knows someone who can make a replica of the haniwa. But Mai would rather fix it herself, explaining how precious it is, but the sisters claim this to be a waste of time. But they listen to Mai as she tells them that she has to make it up to her anyway and apologizes for getting so worked up. The sisters take off and the duo head back to class.

Later on, Saki and Flappy go to the Sky Tree to pray for Mai, in hopes of helping her. They think about what Kanako had told them the other day, and Saki thinks over how upset Mai is. Before they go, Saki and Flappy decide that they want to help Mai.

At the Mishou home, Mai is working on a drawing of the haniwa while Choppy asks her if she could do anything to help. Mai tells her it's fine though, but admits not to have any ideas.

Outside, Michiru and Kaoru wonder what their precious thing is. Michiru claims that it is locating the Fountain of the Sun and defeating Pretty Cure, but Kaoru states that it isn't precious. Michiru thinks it over but neither of the girls are able to understand the concept itself.


Choppy sneaking into Kanako's work room

Saki works to make an omelet while Mai, back at her home, continues to draw the Haniwa doll. She is very sleepy but forces herself to stay awake when she recalls the broken dall. She forces herself to stay awake, unaware of Choppy sneaking into Kanako's work room. Seeing Kanako asleep, Choppy steals a piece of the statue and leaves to meet with Flappy outside. They decide with the piece she stole, they will find one exactly like it and take off.

Saki expresses sadness to find out that the omelet she made is burnt and not very good. She decides to keep trying anyway and stops to leave a note for her dad, telling him to warm up the food for Breakfast. 

At the Sky Tree, the two mascots keep trying to find another Haniwa. They are dirty, but refuse to stop.

Just as Mai finishes her picture she realizes Choppy has gone missing.

Just as they think they have found another Haniwa, Dorodoron suddenly appears.

Flappi and Choppi found something

As Saki waits for morning to come, she rests until noticing that Flappy has gone missing. She meets up with Mai, who informs her that Choppy is also gone. They run off to try to locate them and reach the forest path to find them covered in mud. As Dorodoron summons an Uzaina, the girls waste no time and transform. The fight begins and they attack it - but due being made out of the Haniwa piece, they find it too hard to do much damage.

Dorodoron decides to speed things up by sticking Cure Bloom and Cure Egret to the ground. He approaches them while the girls ask Choppy and Flappy why they ran off, so they explain that they felt badly and wanted to help by searching for a new, unbroken Haniwa. The girls use their powers to break free and resume attacking the Uzaina, summoning Twin Stream Splash to rid of it. Dorodoron complains before taking off and a red Miracle Drop falls.

Before the girls go, Mai spots the Haniwa piece and returns home to find Kanako observing the picture she drew. Saki compliments it before it is revealed that Mai stayed up all night to do it. She explains that she looked so sad and was hoping to do something for her that would make her feel better. Kanako tells Mai about the time she first found the Haniwa, stating that it was back when she was a little girl. It was a keepsake that encouraged her to get into Archaeology to begin with.

Mai is quick to apologize once more, saying that she didn't realize it's importance until it broke, but Kanako claims that she feels better seeing the picture Mai drew. She could tell that Mai shared the feelings she once held for the figure and she was reminded of that when she saw it. Saki then comments on the shape of the Haniwa, calling it strange, and Kanako reveals that she had used her efforts to restore it. She tends to find it fun, but is a bit sad that a tiny piece is missing from it.

When Mai recalls she has it on hand, she returns it to her mom and they stick it back into place with some glue. The trio then decide to rest until lunch, as they are all very tired. But before they do so, Saki decides to practice making omelet again. While they don't look very fancy, Mai compliments the taste and points out that it looked better than last time. Saki cheers as Kanako offers to make some tea for them; only to trip and fall over again.





Secondary Characters


  • As Mai closes the lid of the ketchup bottle, the hole where the ketchup comes out is visible, even though it should be covered by this point.


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