The Academy's Princess! Cure Mermaid Appears! (学園のプリンセス!登場キュアマーメイド! Gakuen no Purinsesu! Tōjō Kyua Māmeido!?) is the 2nd episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 537th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


In order to become more elegant and graceful, Haruka takes ballet lessons from the academy princess, Minami. But after she injures herself, she learns more about Minami and soon must rely on her assistance after a Zetsuborg shows up!


Aroma and Pafu are shocked learning that Cure Flora has already met Prince Kanata and admit to not knowing where he currently is. He sent them away to find the three, legendary Princess Pretty Cure; and while she has inherited the power of one she must become a full-fledged princess to unlock its full potential. This requires that not only is she kind, but strong and beautiful. Flora makes a vow that she will help them to save the Hope Kingdom, and seeing Yui begin to awaken, the mascots hide and she changes back to normal. She confesses her dream of becoming a Princess, no longer ashamed.

The following morning, Minami is shown to be observing the ocean when she notices Haruka is out running. Curiously she observes her as Haruka forces herself to run faster -with Pafu tripping over her ears- until she spots a blue Dress Up Key has washed up on shore.

Later, during the entrance ceremony Haruka shows up late and is scolded by the headmistress until Minami comes to her side. She suggests that Haruka think up her own punishment because of the independence the school aims for them to obtain, and she agrees. Haruka eventually settles on weeding the garden later and takes off, once the ceremony ends to get started with Yui trailing behind her. Until they happen to overhear a group of students in the nearby building and get closer to see what's going on. 

There they find Minami in the middle of ballet, admired for her grace and technique. In this time, Haruka is encouraged to seek her help to learn more about the kind and beauty aspects of being a princess. She waits until later when she has to hand over her apology work, feverishly blurting out her request when Minami turns to leave. She agrees, leaving Haruka delighted. 

Unfortunately, she isn't very good at it- having poor technique and flexibility. But she keeps practicing over time and manages to slowly improve, remaining determined to do better until she grows a newfound confidence and practices without Minami's help. Until she gets the idea to try a step she's seen Minami do and attempts to emulate it; spraining her ankle in the process. Minami is frustrated to find out but she helps Haruka bandage it anyway, and in return Haruka confesses her dream to her. Minami remarks on how she isn't perfect, but nobody else has ever asked her to be taught ballet, so she is thankful for this.

Outside, Close hesitates to attack after recalling what happened until he spots a group of soccer players running to prepare for a regional tournament. He targets one of the players whose dream is to become the top scorer and locks it, creating a soccer trophy Zetsuborg that immediately starts attacking to draw the Pretty Cure out.

Minami attempts to get everyone to evacuate calmly until she spots Haruka and suspiciously follows after her when she goes in the opposite direction. She witnesses Haruka transform into Cure Flora and expresses surprise before taking out the Dress Up Key from her pocket. She observes it, recalling that Haruka used one to change into Cure Flora and watches her fight the Zetsuborg with ease- up until the point when she kicks it with her injured anklet. The Zetsuborg kicks a soccer ball her way- only for Minami to rush to her side and shove her away, calling her out by her name, startling Flora upon realizing she was watching. Minami demands that Close stops at once but he ignores her, causing Flora to push Minami out of the way to avoid being hit.

Minami then proclaims how it is her responsibility to protect the students and her Dress Up Key begins to react and open. Everyone stares in awe when they realize she has been chosen as a Pretty Cure, and Aroma quickly hands over a Princess Perfume. Minami transforms into Cure Mermaid without second thought and immediately starts squaring off against the Zetsuborg, taking the battle underwater.

As this is going on, the last Princess Perfume falls out of the chest.

Mermaid effortlessly counters the Zetsuborg before purifying it with Mermaid Ripple. An angered Close retreats as she unlocks the cage holding the soccer player. Both girls change back to normal and Haruka expresses joy to have gained a partner. However, when Aroma opens his chest he is horrified realizing the third Princess Perfume has gone missing.

Major Events

  • Minami catches Haruka transforming into Cure Flora. 
  • Kaido Minami transforms into Cure Mermaid for the first time.
  • Cure Mermaid uses Mermaid Ripple for the first time.
  • The third Princess Perfume goes missing. 


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • In the opening, Yui has been added to the clip of Haruka walking.


  • When Cure Flora de-transforms back into Haruka, she still has the earrings on.
  • In the preview for for the next episode, Kisaragi Reiko's hair color is brown instead of black.


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