Raise the Curtain! The Longed-For Noble Party! (幕よあがれ!憧れのノーブルパーティ! Maku yo Agare! Akogare no Nōburu Pāti!?) is the 9th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 544th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Everyone enjoys their first Noble Party when everything suddenly goes haywire and Minami, relying on her responsibilities decides to check on the students to make sure they're okay. But after seeing a ghost she is too startled to do anything! Will she be able to pull through and protect everyone?


On the day of the party, Haruka and Yui finalize everything for the party. Yui warns Haruka that they have plenty of time to prepare, but Haruka is too excited to calm down.

Meanwhile, Minami is working hard to finish decoration and planning for the party. She directs where chairs and tables will go as two students approach and offer to take over for her so that she can go and get ready. She agrees- but is too distracted to leave.

Dyspear gives Shut a final chance to defeat Pretty Cure. He promises to defeat them and steal their Dress Up Keys.

Later the party begins and Haruka runs with Aroma and Pafu. She is stopped by the Disciplinary Leader, who tells her not to run in the halls and goes on to point out that normally pets aren't allowed- but seeing Pafu, she quickly changes her mind and allows it, just for today because they match.

Upon reaching the ballroom Haruka quickly falls for its charms. Kirara tells her to calm down, asking what she thought of her gown and complimenting both Yui and Haruka's. Minami speaks from the upper floor of the room and greets everyone, explaining the importance of this ball and tells everyone to enjoy themselves and get along with each other. After everyone shares a toast the party officially begins.

As the trio are chatting they curiously observe someone nearby to find the dorm mother preparing drinks. Everyone is surprised but she invites them to try the drink she has made, then she invites them to try out the buffet. The girls observe the various items as the culinary students suggest they help themselves. Kirara shows Haruka how to properly get the food and they wonder if she can actually eat everything she grabbed. Suddenly Haruka runs into Yuuki, but as he attempts to tease Haruka his fangirls suddenly show up and lead him away.

After eating Haruka realizes Minami hasn't joined them yet. They speak with Azuma and Nishimine, who explains that Minami had some business to attend to. The student council handles the preparations, but the President must always work and oversee everything. Haruka happens to overhear the two boys with Minami earlier, and they introduce themselves as Shuu and Naoto, representative of the boys' dorm and secretary, respectively. They explain that they had tried to lend Minami a hand but she forbade it. Haruka greets both males politely and they begin to chat about what they heard about Haruka from Minami. As she grows embarrassed for a moment, it is suddenly announced that the waltz will be starting.

Haruka claims she took lessons on the dance and prepares to show them, but ends up tripping over her own ankle. Minami catches her and sits her down to check on her to see if she's alright. Quickly Haruka apologizes for disrupting her time, but Minami doesn't mind- although Haruka still feels guilty she can't enjoy the party since she has to work. Once again Minami claims not to mind it much since its something she aspires for. She can't let trivial things get the best of her, so she holds her head high and continues to gracefully work. With that, she brings up the waltz again.

Out of the hallway, a disgruntled film club member complains while he puts a video into his camera. He really could care less about having to do this work. Suddenly Shut suddenly appears and seals his dream to transform him into a Zetsuborg.

Its then the lights suddenly go off in the building. Right away Yui worries but Minami tells them to remain calm and they rush the students to a corridor where light is visible. The guys have tried to turn on the backup lights and they suggest going to check the breakers within the storage room. As a few students start to gossip about it being one of the "seven school mysteries", Minami is visibly concerned, which doesn't go unnoticed. She claims to be fine though, and volunteers to head there herself after requesting that Shuu and Naoto join her.

The trio walks down the hallway and wonders if someone is playing a prank. Minami insists they stop talking, telling them that they need to remain on track but they find nothing wrong, approaching the breaker when Naoto notices it has been switched off. A ghost appears suddenly; with Shuu and Naoto attempting to catch it as Minami remains frozen in fear. As it turns out, it was the Zetsuborg trying to scare them, and to Shut's surprise, it actually scared Minami.

As the girls stand in the hallway, Azuma worries that she should have gone went with Minami. She and Nishimine explain that since they were little girls Minami has always been frightened by ghosts, and she blames herself for it because she dressed up as one on a dare and reduced Minami to tears. She honestly hadn't meant to, but since then ghosts are the one thing to shake up the normally unflappable girl.

Minami forces herself to stand and change into Cure Mermaid, telling Shut off for his attempts to ruin the party. A fight breaks out, with Shut telling the Zetsuborg to attack. It sends the ghost out, and when Mermaid is distracted she is thrown back into a pile of objects. She attempts to avoid its attacks, barely managing to stay on her feet when it keeps surprising her with the ghost. She tries shielding herself from it and more ghosts begin to appear and form around her. As she suddenly screams the Zetsuborg prepares to finish her off, but suddenly Kirara and Haruka show up and transform into Cure Twinkle and Flora.

The Zetsuborg is quickly knocked off of its own feet, with Twinkle remarking that its kind of cute how Mermaid is frightened by the ghosts. She runs off to handle the Zetsuborg as Flora tries to help Mermaid feel better. Mermaid reveals that while she knows she has to fight for everyone, she can't help fearing ghosts. The ghosts reappear as Twinkle is caught within the microphone the Zetsuborg holds. Flora is able to convince Mermaid to rise past her fears and together they beat up the Zetsuborg until they free Twinkle. It continues to try to scare her but while holding hands with Flora they work together to ignore them and defeat it- smashing the large lens used to make them. After landing Mermaid changes into Mode Elegant and uses Mermaid Ripple on it.

Angrily Shut starts to panic and makes a run for it. As Flora momentarily reflects on his words, Minami opens the film club members dream and they turn on the lights, changing back to normal before they return to the party.

With that, the waltz officially begins. Everyone joins up and dances, and Shuu offers to dance with Minami. She kindly refuses, grabbing Haruka's hand and kindly asks that they dance together, with everyone watching them. Minami thanks Haruka for her help and compliments her dancing before saying that she may need to rely on her for help more often. This comment pleases Haruka and they continue to dance.

Major Events

  • It is revealed that Minami has been afraid of ghosts since she was little.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • The sponsor cards feature art from the All Stars movie in place of the Cures.
  • The dresses that Haruka, Minami, and Kirara wore are similar to their Cure forms.
  • In one scene, only Cure Mermaid's hair is shown and the rest of her body is missing.
  • The Waltz music played is Johann Strauss's "Blue Danube."
  • With the return of the regular opening, Aihara Yuuki and Miss Shamour are added into the walking scene.


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