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A Cold Timbre...! The Black Princess Appears! (冷たい音色…!黒きプリンセス現る! Tsumetai Onshoku...! Kuroki Purinsesu Arawaru!?) is the 13th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 548th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Haruka is inspired to play the violin after she spots a mysterious girl playing one. Finding it hard at first, the mysterious girl appears and lends her a hand, only to reveal she's actually from Dys Dark. With her black Dress-Up Key she summons a powerful Zetsuborg.


One day, Haruka comes across a girl in a mask playing the violin. Since then, she has become engrossed in the violin, so Minami introduces her to her acquaintance, Nishikido-san, who is a violin craftsman. When Haruka receives ones from him, she immediately starts her lesson.

Haruka does not quite work well in response to those lessons. At that time, she is reunited with the masked girl. She gives her advice on how to play and tells her to close her heart and eyes, and Haruka is now finally putting out a clean tone. However, Pafu appears to be afraid of the mysterious girl.

Nishikido-san says that he does not feel any emotion from Haruka when she plays for him. Just then, the masked girl appears along with Shut. That masked girl reveals herself as Twilight, the daughter of Dyspear. With the power of Twilight's black Dress Up Key, Shut creates a powered-up Violin Zetsuborg by trapping Nishikido-san in a cage of despair.

The Cures are in a big pinch with the much stronger enemy, but they manage to purify it and Nishikido-san is rescued safely. With a renewed mind, Haruka performs once again and Nishikido-san smiles. Meanwhile, Twilight returns to Dyspear's castle with the black Dress Up Key in her hand, loudly declaring that she will cover the world in darkness.

Major Events

  • The Cures encounter Twilight for the first time.
  • It is revealed that Twilight is the daughter of Dyspear.
  • The Zetsuborgs get a power upgrade thanks to Twilight.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Ranko is added to the opening.
  • Also in the opening, the Cures' Mode Elegant is changed to their newest ones during the battle scene and they now have their Crystal Princess Rods.


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