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The Great Transformation ~roma! Aroma's Butler Test! (大変身ロマ!アロマの執事試験! Dai Henshin roma! Aroma no Shitsuji Shiken!?) is the 15th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 550th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Aroma has to retake his test to become Prince Kanata's butler and turns into a human, serving as Haruka's own, personal butler for the day. Unfortunately, it goes poorly and he fails, leaving him to try to determine what the most important part of being a butler is.


Aroma has been an apprentice for a while and it is now possible for him to again take a test to become a butler. The objective of the test is to spend one day as Haruka's butler. Aroma is enthusiastic about the one-day schedule he has planned. The next day, Aroma is transformed into a human before Haruka's eyes.

Aroma tries his hardest to have Haruka follow the hectic schedule he made. Haruka tries her best to keep up with it so Aroma could pass his test. Unfortunately, the test results in a failure. Miss Shamour says that he has missed the important parts about being a butler, which leaves Aroma shocked.

Aroma then meets up with a butler named Oikawa who saves him from an oncoming car, and he is taught to understand the feelings of the person he serves. However, Twilight and Lock arrive, trapping Oikawa in a cage of despair and creating a Butler Zetsuborg. Haruka arrives and transforms into Cure Flora, but alone she finds herself in a huge pinch. Aroma then starts running away to warn the others.

Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle arrive after Flora has a close call. Aroma had warned the other two that she was in danger. The Cures then purify the Zetsuborg. Aroma also accepts his failure and promises to once again study hard about becoming a butler. However, he is still confident that he would become a butler before the Cures become Grand Princesses.

Major Events

  • Aroma and Pafu become humans for the first time to complete a test.
  • It was revealed that Aroma's dream is to be Prince Kanata's butler while Pafu's dream is to be a Royal Maid, in which both are training to achieve their dreams.
  • Aroma had failed his butler training back then in the Hope Kingdom. 


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • This is the first episode where someone stands in the way of a general's target to create the Zetsuborg and that person ends up getting captured instead.


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