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Too Bright! Kirara's Dream on the Runway! (まぶしすぎる! きらら、夢のランウェイ! Mabushi Sugiru! Kirara, Yume no Ran'u~ei!?) is the 17th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 552nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Kirara is preparing to appear on the runway alongside her famous mother, Stella. During rehearsals, she is noticably nervous because of the expectations she has to live up to. Outside of the runway, Stella acts rather strange and Kirara lashes out at her for not taking things seriously, causing a rift between them.


Kirara is preparing for a runway appearance the next day- the first real one that will debut her to the entire world. She travels to the show's venue along with Haruka and Minami. As they make their way there, the three of them encounter Kirara's mother Stella, one of the world's top models.

During the rehearsals for the show, Kirara becomes evidently tense and nervous, but Stella forcibly takes the group around the city and into her cluttered apartment. Stella then tells Kirara to help liven up the place, ignoring her daughter's feelings. Kirara soon becomes angry and yells at Stella for her lack of tact and concern.

The night of the show, Kirara has regained her confidence, hoping to step out on her own terms and not just because of her mother. However, Shut and Twilight appear, with Shut targeting Stella and confining her in a cage of despair, creating a pair of Model Zetsuborgs. Kirara transforms into Cure Twinkle in order to help Stella out.

The mother-and-daughter bonds between Kirara and Stella cause the Miracle Shooting Star Dress Up Key to appear, and the Pretty Cure purify the Zetsuborg. The show goes on, and Stella fulfills ones of her dreams to walk the runway with her daughter. After the show, Kirara assumes that her mother's dream has come true, but she tells her that there is always the next dream to chase after, and that's for the two of them to become top models, and Kirara promises that it will come true soon.

Major Events

  • Cure Twinkle obtains her Miracle Shooting Star Dress Up Key and performs Meteor Humming for the first time.
  • Kirara's mother, Stella, appears for the first time since the flashback in episode 6


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • This is the first episode where two Zetsuborgs are created from one person.


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