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Too Much Trouble~! Haruka's Princess Contest! (ピンチすぎる!はるかのプリンセスコンテスト! Pinchi Sugiru~! Haruka no Purinsesu Kontesuto!?) is the 34th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 569th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Haruka enters a princess contest, hoping to find out about the missing Prince Kanata's whereabouts. Kirara promises to help her out with everything from makeup to poise, but job commitments keep her from fully supporting Haruka.


One late evening Haruka excitedly comments that Prince Kanata must be there on school grounds, because they have found one of his buttons recently. Towa seems unsure as she tries convincing the group to search for him, but Minami doesn't believe this is wise, pointing out how late it is and how they wouldn't know where to begin looking for him anyway. As Pafu and Aroma look outside they see a star shining brightly and Pafu suggests they try fortune telling for advice. Miss Shamour agrees after explaining that its common practice in the Hope Kingdom to ask the stars when you seek guidance. Haruka uses the Princess Lesson Pad to ask and the girls are transported to a location filled with stars just long enough for Miss Shamour to see "Prince is in chocolate".

As the group try to figure out what this vague message means, Kirara returns with some treats for everyone- causing them alarm when she reveals some chocolate. On it they find an advertisement for the upcoming "Princess Contest" and when it says the winner can meet a Prince, they determine the Prince must be Kanata. As they eat the chocolate Kirara suggests Haruka enter the contest since she came up with the idea, and while she is initially concerned, Haruka agrees under the pretext it will be fun. Aroma warns her it won't be easy.

Shortly after, Yui comes by with a letter for Haruka to reveal she has passed the first round of the contest. Everyone applauds for her and Aroma admits he is surprised, overlooking her entry form as they learn the next round will be taking place at Yumegahama Hall. Minami recalls that Kirara's last show was held there, and Haruka begins to panic as Yui resumes reading the letter to reveal she will be participating in a model-like competition there. Haruka worries until Kirara offers to help her out to pay her back for all of the support she's given her. She can offer her some tips and tricks, and special lessons to prepare her for the contest. She suggests they start tomorrow, when she has a break between work.

The following day the girls hang out in a hallway, and after Kirara demonstrates her models natural poise she has Haruka try. Haruka is very stiff for her first time as Kirara suggests she walk normally, then she recommends that she raise her head and straighten her posture; until her body forms a straight line. She also takes note of her stepping pace and the girls remark on how pretty she looks. Haruka feels relieved knowing she is improving; but when Kirara gives her some heels she begins struggling again. She assures her it will get easier the more they practice, then they move to a nearby room so that Haruka can practice putting on makeup.

Once again she fails, and as Kirara cleans her up she promises to keep helping her, although she does have a tight schedule the next morning. Kirara tells her that while makeup is important, its a girls smile that makes her cute, and without it makeup just isn't the same. The girls admire how pretty Haruka looks as she observes herself in the mirror and together they smile.

The next day Kirara is busy at a photo-shoot as Haruka observes from afar. A woman comes by to adjust her makeup and the man taking pictures remarks on how they need to make her necklace stick ou more. As they try to figure out what to do, Kirara gets an idea and pulls out some ribbon to tie her hair back; which earns the approval of the group and they resume taking pictures. Haruka admires Kirara's quick thinking, and as she rejoins her, she compliments her. Kirara explains that sometimes trouble like this arises -such as a prepared item going missing or getting the wrong shoe size- and how one must learn to adapt and find a solution. Haruka wonders if she will really be okay, but Kirara assures her she will be fine because she will be by her side. She warns Haruka that regardless of how things go, she must remember to smile and see the entire thing through once she steps on stage. Suddenly, the girls are surrounding by a group of school girls who ask to have Kirara's autograph and picture. Haruka momentarily observes the display and seeing as she is really busy now, she tells her that she will be heading home.

That evening, as Kirara's manager is driving her home she brings up that in the past Kirara usually didn't interact with the fans as strongly as she does now. Kirara claims she just felt like it, and sometimes the support feels nice; something her Manager believes is because of her friends. She recalls that her mom told her about the others, and she believes that they have had a good influence on her, she is much cuter now. Kirara denies this and her Manager smiles.

Meanwhile, Shut gushes over his perfect makeup application when he sees Stop and Freeze nearby. He offers to put some makeup on them too, only to remark on the difficulty of his because they always wear their helmets. He continues on his way as they wonder if makeup could power someone up as he remarked.

The following day, Yui, Towa, Minami, Aroma, and Pafu have arrived for the contest and to show Haruka support. They worry over how she may be feeling and hope anxiety doesn't overcome her while on the stage, but Yui reveals she brought some message paper and markers so that they can write messages of support for her. It's then they note how cloudy the sky has become, and see its beginning to rain.

From her photo-shoot location, Kirara worriedly observes the rain from under her umbrella as the staff complain being unable to work in this situation. She thinks about Haruka, who is shown expressing shock over the oversized dress she was given. She informs the passing by staff woman, who apologetically explains that this was all they had, and she is called to help someone else. As Haruka sees the other contestants she finds herself stressing out under the belief this dress won't help her look her best, and she desperately wishes Kirara was there.

With the rain having passed, Kirara gets her photo-shoot done and over with, and she rushes off after turning down the staffs offer to join them for tea. She runs through the street and passes by Stop and Freeze, who stop by one of the makeup woman who works with Kirara, and they lock her dream of making all girls pretty, making a human cosmetics Zetsuborg. Having witnessed this, Kirara transforms into Cure Twinkle.

Meanwhile, Aroma and Pafu suddenly transform as well, surprising the girls because they didn't see anything happen. They reveal that a Zetsuborg has appeared, causing them concern.

Twinkle fights the Zetsuborg, who uses the makeup palette to summon energy beams at her. She manages to avoid them, but to her relief she sees Cure Mermaid and Cure Scarlet have arrived with Aroma and Pafu.

As this is going on Haruka paces the room and she remains concerned as Kirara has yet to show up. She recalls Kirara's past advice of adapting to a crisis as a girl is called to take her turn, meaning Haruka will have to go next. She is nearly reduced to tears until she remmebers how Kirara fixed her problem of making the necklace stand out more, and just then she spots a supplies box nearby.

As the Cures knock the makeup out of the Zetsuborg's hand, they explain that Haruka's turn in the Contest will be approaching. The Zetsuborg throws a hair brush that spirals around in the air, and it slams into Twinkle's back and forces her to the ground very roughly. She panics as it gets closer to her. Haruka observes her customized dress, and she goes on to worry about her makeup. As she isn't good at doing it herself, she isn't sure what to do- bu she isn't able to linger on it when the staff woman returns to reveal its her turn now.

Twinkle uses Full Moon Humming to push the Zetsuborg away, followed by Mermaid and Scarlet using Bubble Ripple and Scarlet Spark, and in a burst of adrenaline and her desire to see Haruka and give her support, Twinkle shoves the Zetsuborg back with her shield.

Haruka takes her turn on stage, with Yui sadly noticing the others have yet to return. As Haruka sadly walks out on stage she feels distress over being unable to put on makeup, and seeing the others are gone makes her feel worse; until Yui calls out to her and she sees the message they left for her. She remembers Kirara's advice to smile and feeling more confidant, Haruka walks on the stage with her newly modified dress. At the end she curties and widely smiles, wowing the judges before she turns around and leaves. As soon as her turn ends, Haruka runs off with Yui joining her.

Twinkle is getting frustrated by this point as the trio take note of how much energy this Zetsuborg has, and in a rush of poor judgement Twinkle impulsively attacks it. The Zetsuborg pulls out a large mascara wand to shoot at her with a thick purple energy and it sends her crashing into the ground again. Just then Haruka arrives, and she calls out to her before transforming into Cure Flora. She dodges the beams from the Zetsuborg, and while its distracted Twinkle hits its wand, and Flora kicks it over. Twinkle apologizes for being unable to make it to the contest after promising her, but Flora happily tells her about how she stood on stage, and she saw it through to the end just like she told her. This makes her feel better, but just then the Zetsuborg gets up and draws a spiral with the makeup, forming a large amount of green energy to shoot towards them. Flora uses Lys Tourbillon to reflect it back, explaining how its because of her that she could do her best, and with that the duo slam the Zetsuborg back and summon the Music Princess Palace to use Mode Elegant and cast Éclat Espoir to purify the Zetsuborg.   

Stop and Freeze take off and Twinkle uses her key to unlock the makeup woman's dream. She sets her down on a nearby bench and the girls rush back to the contest hall, where its revealed that Haruka did not place among the top three entrants. However, she was chosen by the audience, and she receives the Audience Selection award. Haruka is flabberghasted by this, but she graciously accepts as the Prince is revealed to be none other than Prince Chocolate, who has a bouqet of flowers for her. While the girls are surprised by this reveal, they do notice how happy she looks in the end, with Kirara shown to be very proud of her.

The girls take off while realizing that locating the missing Prince won't be easy; but just then Haruka spots a young man with purple hair walking through a nearby crowd. She believes he is Kanata and she rushes after him, only to lose him as a car gets in her way and she is forced to stop at the light. As the others join her, Haruka cries out for Kanata in an attempt to reach him.

Major Events

  • For a moment Haruka sees who she believes is Prince Kanata.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Kuroro is added to the opening with Yui and Miss Shamour.
  • This is the last episode where the characters wear their summer casual clothes.
  • Cure Twinkle is the featured soloist in the ending.


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