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Meeting at Last...! Kanata and the Lost Memory! (やっと会えた・・・!カナタと失われた記憶! Yatto Aeta...! Kanata to Ushinawareta Kioku!?) is the 35th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 570th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Haruka and Towa conduct a search party to find Kanata, only for him to be discovered working with Nishikido-san. They learn that since the battle to free Towa, Kanata has lost all of his memories and desperately the Cures try to help him remember.


Everyone searches around town in hopes of finding someone who may know the whereabouts of Prince Kanata, but they find nothing. As Haruka and Towa regroup they note that they are running out of time for the day, so searching out further could be a risky move as they have a curfew. Haruka suggests they try anyway when she turns to bump into Nishikido and knocks his groceries loose. As they begin to chat, Towa remembers the past when she locked his dreams, and she tries to reconcile with him but he doesn't recognize her or understand. Haruka changes the subject by showing him the drawing they made and he recognizes the boy.

The girls rush back to Nishikido's place to find the mysterious young man Haruka spotted the prior day cleaning the place up. They are relieved to see him but he is very confused when Towa attempts to approach her big brother. He asks if he knows them, much to their alarm as Nishikido joins them to reveal he has lost his memories.

The girls get in touch with Kirara, Minami, the mascots, and Yui and bring everyone together. The mascots recognize his accessory and say that it is definitely the Prince's, and Nishikido recalls that two weeks ago he found the male washed up on shore. He quickly came to his aid and woke him up, and upon realizing Kanata didn't recognize the location or seem to know anything about himself, he realized he lost his memory. The girls are distraught as Nishikido explains bringing Kanata back to treat his injuries. When he saw Kanata observe the violin nearby he brought it out to him, suggesting he touch it to see if anything comes back to him. Kanata struck the pose of a violinist, but he wasn't able to play it.

Nishikido goes on to say that because Towa is there now, they can take a little comfort in knowing he has family he can reach out to. With that, the girls and mascots ask to speak to Kanata privately, where they reveal his true identity to him and his relationship with Towa. He takes a moment to process this, seemingly understanding- but he really can't believe such a story right away. Haruka transforms into Cure Flora in hopes of triggering something but this doesn't help because he flusters Haruka after calling her pretty, and she returns to normal. Aroma and Pafu show him the Music Princess Palace and explain how it was originally their home, but while Kanata admits he can understand that this group isn't ordinary by any means, he just can't place anything. He attempts to comfort the distressed duo as Miss Shamour remarks on the situation, but they perk up after Yui points out that he wasn't surprised by the fact the mascots talk, so its entirely possible that deep down he can remember something.

The group take the prince outside and Towa plays her violin to see if that helps anything after she recalls how it was his playing that made her remember their past and saved her from her evil ways. But while he remains uncertain he admits to feeling nostalgic, which is good enough for them. But when they try to get him to play the violin again he isn't able to, so Yui asks the mascots if they can try something else. Miss Shamour suggests going somewhere full of memories for him, but as Prince of the Hope Kingdom they note that all of his memories were only there, and there isn't any way to get there. It's then Haruka remembers a place here they can go, and she begins to smile.

Meanwhile, Shut and Close inform Dyspear of the recent status in collecting despair and how Stop and Freeze has been a big help in doing so. Shut seems curious about something, but Dyspear refuses to indulge him, leading him to wonder if something may be off since her return.

Haruka brings the group into a rural area of town and leads them to a large, grassy field filled with flowers. As they observe a group of children playing Haruka tells Kanata that this is where they met. When she was little she was picked on for her dream of becoming a Princess, and he came across her one day as she cried. He convinced her that she could become a Princess as long as she kept dreaming and tried her best, and he handed her a special key.

Haruka reaches into her pocket to reveal the key to him, but this still does nothing. He apologizes as Haruka sadly begins to weep for having wasted their time. Minami and Kirara assure her its okay because they didn't know if it would work, along with Yui and the mascots, but Kanata feels remorse seeing how distraught Towa is.

The group join the children in playing, with the exception of Haruka and Towa. While Haruka has began to feel better Towa can't hide her tears and distress from her, but she promises that regardless of what she has to do, she will return her brother to normal. Haruka can see her conviction, but by now she has began to wonder if they are hurting him by trying to force him to remember things; because each time they try, he seems sad. Towa realizes she has a point- but before they can do anything Stop and Freeze appear. Yui warns the children to run away and she leads them to safety, but one girl runs back to grab her doll she dropped. Stop and Freeze appear and lock away her dream of becoming a Princess -something Towa and Haruka express surprise over- and form a Princess Zetsuborg.

In the forest, nobody sees dark vines break out from within the ground.

The girls waste no time transforming into Cure Flora, Mermaid, Twinkle, and Scarlet. The Zetsuborg slams its big ring into the ground to try to attack them but the girls jump out of harms way before criticizing it for using jewelry in such a way. Then it tries to punch them, throwing up dust everywhere. They use this to distract the Zetsuborg, then they launch into it from the sky to send it flying into the ground. It then uses its long hair to grab Mermaid, Twinkle, an Scarlet to throw them back, and as Flora stands her ground to fight it off, she promises to protect Kanata's dreams in thanks of all the support and courage he gave her. It's because of him that she can protect the dreams of others and follow her own. The Zetsuborg forms a large drill using its hair as Flora thanks Kanata, and Twinkle comes to her side to use her luna key to protect Flora, followed by mermaid using Frozen Ripple to freeze the hair drill. Scarlet uses Scarlet Spark to burn the hair, and Flora uses Lys Tourbillon to throw the Zetsuborg back while its distracted.

With that, Aroma and Pafu transform to summon the Music Princess Palace to allow the girls to change into Mode Elegant. They use Eclat Espoir to purify the Zetsuborg and release the little girls dream from the cage as Stop and Freeze escape.

The girl awakens and Towa returns her doll, and they talk about how they share her dream. She is very happy to hear this and suggests they become friends, much to Haruka and Towa's joy. They say goodbye to the children when they decide to head for home and Aroma asks Kanata if he remembers anything yet. He seems troubled but Haruka assures him its fine, she tells Towa that while it may hurt, he isn't a different person just because he can't remember. Little by little he will be their friend again, and someday maybe he will remember. Towa admits she has a point but she sadly ask that he grant her permission to refer to him as her big brother again. She cries as he agrees, leaving Minami and Kirara to comfort her as Haruka approaches Kanata and holds out her hand. He thanks her and takes it in his own.

Major Events

  • Haruka and Towa find Kanata, but he has lost his memories.
    • By the end of the episode, he seems to be understanding everything, although he still doesn't remember much.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The opening contains previews of the upcoming Go! Princess Pretty Cure: Go! Go!! Gouka Sanbon Date!!! that is set to be released on October 31, 2015.
  • Towa gets a flashback of Nishikido from episode 13 from when she was Twilight and she trapped his dream.
  • In this episode, the girls' winter clothes made their debut, while their summer uniforms switch back to their winter uniforms.
  • Cure Flora is the featured soloist in the ending.


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