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The Tearful Heart...! The Thing Minami Wants to Protect! (波立つ心・・・!みなみの守りたいもの! Namidatsu Kokoro...! Minami no Mamoritai Mono!?) is the 36th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 571st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Cures are invited onto Minami's family's cruise ship where they meet a marine vet named Asuka. Seeing Asuka helping out the animals causes Minami to have second thoughts about her original dream of being part of the family business.


The girls, Kanata, Yui, and the mascots are riding through the water on a small boat when Minami spots Tina, her dolphin friend. They explain who she is to Yui, Kanata, and Towa and begin to discuss meeting Minami's parents as they spot a luxury cruise ship -Sea Dream- nearby.

On the ship the girls admire Minami's family interact as they apologize for disturbing Wataru during his busy time at work. He insists its nothing as this is for Minami, then they go on to formally introduce themselves to the remainder of the group. They are charmed by Haruka's clumsy attempts at introduction, leading her friends to tease her a little, and they explain how as they have invited important people to this event, it only made sense for them to include Minami's friends too.

Minami is taken away by her mother to get dressed in the new outfit prepared for her, and her mother embraces her, excited to finally have her join the Kaido Group.

Meanwhile, the group have a tour of the place to see that it not only has a pool on top of the ship, but a theater room, and a dance hall. Haruka is awestruck as she observes the locations until they are rejoined by the Kaido family. They are delighted to see this though, and they explain the reason behind the cruise ships name and how much it means to them that everyone enjoys themselves. Minami is very glad to see everyone in such high spirits.

Soon the group sit down for some snacks and drink. They compliment Wataru for being a great big brother, and how Minami will someday be a part of this world like her them. She happily tells them that since she was a little girl this has been a dream of hers, she wants to become useful to society just like they have. Towa compliments her dream, but for some reason Kanata appears to be troubled.

It's then Minami spots Tina and an unfamiliar girl windsurfing near her. She calls over to Tina and the girl joins them after watching them interact and she compliments Minami's relationship with Tina. Minami explains how she knew her since she was little, then after she reveals being part of the Kaido family, the girl -Asuka Kitakaze- introduces herself. Asuka realizes she is running late and takes off after explaining that she is a vet for animals of the sea, an she has a job she has to get to. She invites the group to join her when they express curiosity, but Minami turns down the offer because of the party she has to attend. However, Haruka manages to convince her that she can spare a little time since the party isn't until later, and Kanata offers to stay back to let her parents know.

At the Aquarium nearby, the girls adoringly admire all of the vast species of sea life in a large container of water. Asuka glances around and explains that she was requested on behalf of some ill fish. She explains that before doing anything, she likes to monitor the fish and see if anything looks abnormal- and just then, Minami notices one is moving a little slowly. Asuka says she is right and she takes note, then she moves along with the girls at an area for sea lions. She explains the difference between them and seals, and Minami takes note of how she is correct as the others run off to admire a large turtle nearby.

The girls go on to feed some fish to the penguin, but while they feel remorse feeding the small fish to them, they are too smitten by how cute they are. Asuka joins them and comments that in order for the penguin to eat, they can't feel guilt; as sad as it might be, we live by taking from others. That's just how it is as part of the wheel of life, which is why its important to be grateful for the meals and items we can have. Minami confesses that she hasn't thought of that before, and Asuka explains that she records how much the penguins eat each time she visits, in order to ensure they aren't sick or hurt. Minami believes the animals can find comfort in having her there, but Asuka says that sometimes her work may go wrong, or she might not be able to do anything at all. There is still a lot that she doesn't know, and she dearly wants to keep expanding her knowledge to protect the animals that are endangered. Minami finds this admirable, leading Asuka to remark that she thinks Minami could do this type of work too; although its just intuition she has. She suggests they head to the next station while Minami begins to think about her words.

Back to the cruise ship, Minami is introduced to the guests and she sees Asuka within the audience, surprised that her parents also invited her to be part of the Kaido group. Asuka politely declines their offer again, even though they have resources to fund her researches. She doesn't want to be bound by contracts and desires to understand the sea without any restrictions, by her own two eyes. Her answer resonates something within Minami, and in her desire to be as free as the ocean like Asuka, she begins to doubt her once precious dream.

Meanwhile, Stop and Freeze appear and they seal Asuka's dream within a cage of despair to form a penguin Zetsuborg.

At the party, the girls notice Minami has began to space out and call attention to it, as this isn't like her. Before she can explain what is going on, the girls hear the monster outside and they rush out of the room to transform into Pretty Cure. The Zetsuborg swings its metal covered flippers at the Cures and Mermaid swiftly begins to attack it. Her father runs out to find Yui, Kanata, and the mascots and is shocked by the large penguin monster. Yui warns him to run to safety but he refuses, wanting to protect the ship, but when it shoots a fish torpedo at him Mermaid arrives to kick it away. She asks that he let her protect the ship and that he should focus on evacuation in case things get out of hand, and seeing that she has everything under control, he agrees and takes off.

As the Zetsuborg keeps spitting out fish, Twinkle uses Full Moon Humming to shield herself, then she and Flora push the flippers away as it tries to slam them down on the girls. Scarlet uses this chance to kick it, causing it to fly into the sea, but the Zetsuborg uses this chance to spit out another fish torpedo at the ship to try to damage it. Mermaid gets to it in time to stop it and she distracts the Zetsuborg so that it hurts itself, then she kicks it. She refuses to let the Zetsuborg win and she inserts her bubble key to cast Bubble Ripple. The Zetsuborg bursts them but she gets the chance to kick out from out of the water, then she freezes it with Frozen Ripple and lands back onto the ship. Aroma and Pafu transform to summon the Palace and the girls change into Mode Elegant to use Eclat Espoir.  

Stop and Freeze take off, and dark vines are shown growing in the distance as Mermaid frees Asuka's dream. She holds her while she remains unconscious and looks out towards the shore as the sun sets, thinking about her dream.

That evening the ship returns to dock as Minami's parents worriedly try to determine what the Zetsuborg was. Haruka desperately try to distract them by going on about how much fun the party was, and Minami's dad wonders where the mysterious girls went.

Meanwhile, Minami meets with Asuka again and expresses how happy she is to see her once more. Asuka confesses that she actually showed up because she wanted to see Minami again, and she believes hey are kind of similiar. They both love the sea and the life within it, which is why she would like to personally invite Minami to join her if she decides to become part of its world in the future. She claims to only be kidding though, knowing that Minami's dream is to help others with her family, and she thinks it is special enough. She compliments Minami's pretty dress and they exchange hands before parting. Minami prepares to leave, but she pauses to observe Asuka once more and consider her offer.

Major Events

  • Minami's parents appear for the first time.


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