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Haruka is the Star!? A Nonsensical Romantic Play! (はるかが主役!?ハチャメチャロマンな演劇会! Haruka ga Shuyaku!? Hachamecha Roman na Engekikai!?) is the 37th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 572nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Haruka is chosen to star as Juliet in Noble Academy's production of Romeo and Juliet. However, she has a hard time figuring out how to portray her character and dealing with the strict director, Riko.


In class, Riko Furuya and Yui reveal plans to base their next production on "Romeo and Juliet". After explaining that Yui will handle the script writing they pick Kenta Hirano to play Romeo, while Haruka will play Juliet. Haruka is very shocked and tries to turn down the suggestion, saying that Riko would be more suitable as she is in the Theater Club, but Riko explains that she has stage fright. Not only that, but she would really like to try directing. As Haruka notices that everyone has a position they would like to cover, she sees she has no choice but to accept the position.

At the violin workshop, Yui drowsily arrives with her finished script for the play. The girls steady her and explain what is going on to Kanata and the Mascots, with Kirara revealing her class will be doing Cinderella; she will play the good witch while Towa is playing Cinderella. Towa requests that Kanata come to see their play and he accepts, with Minami going on to reveal her play will be Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, and she will play the role of Princess Kaguya. Yui suggests they begin practicing tomorrow and Haruka admits that while she is nervous, she plans to do her best.

At school the following day, everyone is preparing for the play while Haruka and Kenta practice their roles. However, Riko quickly stops them to criticize how rigid Haruka's acting is and she explains that she has to loosen up and go with the flow of the scene- then she gets called to attend to something else. Haruka is surprised by how intense Riko has become in this short amount of time and Yui comes by to check on her as Kenta apologizes on behalf of Riko, explaining that this isn't uncommon of her when her mind is set to something. Riko returns as Haruka apologizes for being so clumsy and they try again, but now she's struggling to emote. After a yelling match breaks out between the two girls, Kenta approaches Haruka in an attempt to help her explore the role of Juliet's emotions a little more. He points out the various moods and feelings she should have at various parts, and over the course of the evening and following day Haruka begins to re-read the story while practicing.

Soon they resume practicing in the club room but Haruka is becoming tired and unsure of herself because she keeps failing to capture Juliet properly. She tries to channel the emotions but Riko can see she's not getting it, much to her depression. She chastises Haruka by saying that if she can't feel Juliet then her words will be unable to reach the audience.

As the sun is setting, Haruka sits alone as Aroma and Pafu play together along the beach. She is joined by Kanata, who was doing some errands when he took notice of her sadness, and he asks her about what could be wrong. He borrows her script to read over it and remarks on how sad of a story it is, and Haruka wonders what kind of girl Juliet is so that she can show her emotions. She wants to give up but she knows she can't do that, because she was the one who agreed to it, and everyone else is doing their part. Kanata then goes on to say that the two girls are actually alike, because Haruka is direct and honest, which is something he feels from Juliet's words. Haruka confesses not to understanding herself yet, but she will directly put her all into this role. She asks that Kanata help her practice and they resume, and by now her actions seem natural and emotive in ways she couldn't express before.

Soon the last week before the performance approaches, and Haruka rushes up to the group to ask that they strongly watch her and tell her if anything is wrong. They are surprised by her sudden convictions but gladly agree, and over the week everyone is shown working very hard on their plays.

Soon the day of the event arrives and Haruka is extremely nervous; along with Kenta, who rushes outside for some air and last minute practice. He heads outside but upon spotting Stop and Freeze, he trips trying to run away.

Meanwhile, everyone has been searching for Kenta and is unable to find him. Riko heads outside recalling what he said earlier but the duo confront her and lock her dreams into a cage of despair, forming a Director Zetsuborg and causing dark vines to grow out from underground.

The girls run out after her and are shocked as they realize that not only did they capture her, but they caught Kenta as well and have summoned a Romeo Zetsuborg. They waste no time transforming into Cure Flora, Scarlet, Twinkle, and Mermaid; but Flora complains that they don't have time for this as Yui, Kanata, and the Mascots hide somewhere safe nearby. The evil duo agree and set the time for 70 seconds, and the Zetsuborg transforms its stopwatch into a large bomb. The girls panic realizing how little time that is- barely avoiding the sword the Romeo Zetsuborg is wielding. As it hits the ground it bursts apart into several smaller Zetsuborg and begin to rush the foursome, who use their abilities to fight them off until Flora can try to make a jump for the button to turn off the bomb. She is swung at by the large fan the Director Zetsuborg is holding and Mermaid comes to the conclusion that because its stopwatch is a machine, she just needs to hit it with water.

Stop and Freeze remark on this and the mini-Romeo Zetsuborgs jump into the air to form into one large one again to try crushing the girls. But when Flora remembers everything she and the others have been working so hard for lately she uses her flower abilities to shield them all, then Mermaid sends a large burst of water at the Director Zetsuborgs hand in order to destroy its stopwatch bomb, just as it reaches 00:01. Flora tells them off for trying to ruin everything they worked so hard for, and Aroma and Pafu transform to summon the Palace and allow the girls to turn into Mode Elegant and use Eclat Espoir.  

With everything returned to normal the girls check on the unconscious Kenta and Riko, who awaken as their classmates arrive to see if they are alright. Haruka takes notice of Kenta's injury but he insists its nothing while explaining that he got it just recently, but as he tries to stand they notice how much he is struggling. He grieves for the trouble this is causing everyone and they begin to panic, with Riko refusing to step in due to her stage fright. Seeing how sad Haruka is, Kanata steps in and offers to lend a hand in his place -with the girls explaining his identity to the others- as he's practiced a lot with her in this past week. While they agree this would be okay, they take note that their class will have to forefit any chance at winning the award because of him being an outsider. They aren't given long to think about it when a message is sent out that students must head to the Gymnasium in order to prepare for their performances and realizing they don't have a chance, they need to do something.

They decide that before anything they should speak to the Teachers in hopes of getting them to understand. However, Haruka believes that while Kanata would be a big help for them, she doesn't care if they fail and she wants this to be something that only belongs to their class. Kenta agrees and seeing his dedication, Riko encourages him to keep his role of Romeo, agreeing to swap places with him if he's in too much pain. Haruka is surprised that she is willing to do this despite how frightened she is, but everyone is encouraged seeing their dedication. Haruka thanks Kanata as Minami and Kirara help Kenta up to get him inside, and together everyone heads into the Gym in order to set up and prepare for their performances.

Minami beautifully portrays Princess Kaguya, while Kirara and Towa awe everyone with their performance in Cinderella. As this is going on everyone is puting on the final touches for Romeo and Juliet and making sure Kenta's injury has been patched up. Romeo and Juliet begin, with Haruka and Kenta carefully making sure not to injure his leg as Haruka thinks about her role of Juliet and how her performance must reach everyone. But during his part of Romeo, Kenta suddenly trips, and with quick thinking Haruka runs to his side before Riko can do anything, and she resumes her lines by his side. They finish their performance, leaving everyone amazed and awestruck as it includes.

As the sun sets Haruka thanks Kanata for all of his help lately. He brings up her directness again and how its like Juliet, an Haruka stands up to perform as Juliet momentarily. Kanata sees this and pretends to be Romeo for her as the others watch, and together they hold hands.

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  • The opening contains previews of the movie, Go! Princess Pretty Cure: Go! Go!! Gouka Sanbon Date!!! released on October 31st, 2015.
  • This is the second episode in the Pretty Cure franchise to feature a play based on Romeo and Juliet. The first episode being Futari wa Pretty Cure episode 37.
    • Coincidentally, both episodes contained earthquake warnings throughout the original broadcast on all stations nationwide.
  • Cure Scarlet is the featured soloist in the ending.


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