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Yui's Dream! Thoughts Within a Canvas...! (ゆいの夢!想いはキャンバスの中に…! Yui no Yume! Omoi wa Kyanbasu no Naka ni...!?) is the 41st episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 576th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Yui enters an art contest and wants to win above anything else, but she struggles coming up with the perfect inspiration and begins doubting herself.


The girls watch Yui as she paints Hope Kingdom's castle, but she is worried that her drawing isn't going well despite assurance from her friends. Minami then remembers that an art contest is being held and the girls convince Yui to sign up for it. She agrees realizing it could help bring her closer to her dream.

Overlooking the theme of "everyone's smile", she sits down to get to work, but she hesitates when she realizes there will be a lot of strong entries. The girls attempt to chat with her later, but Miss Shamour decides to hold a cooking lesson and they take off, leaving Yui to focus on her art.

Into the evening, Yui continues to sketch various drawings, but she worries if her art would reach anyone the way she hopes. She then goes to sleep while Haruka returns with some leftovers.

The next morning, Yui awakens to a note and the food. She gets dressed and steps outside, where she eats the cake before she tries getting to work again. She feels calm knowing Haruka supports her, but she still lacks inspiration. Mochizuki later gives her advice to not to overthink things and Yui attempts to try this, but after seeing her classmates participating in different activities, she starts feeling lonely and wonders whether or not she really belongs here.

Later, the girls bring some donuts to Yui and Haruka offers their help should she need it, but Yui kindly turns them down, revealing she has decided not to enter. Before they can respond she claims she has errands to do and runs off. She heads outside to find Mochizuki with a group of children, an activity she has dubbed the "Blue Sky Drawing Classroom". She invites Yui to join in and explains how she likes to gather children together and let them draw while observing nature.

Yui starts to observe the children when she notices one girl drawing a very colorful flower. She compliments her art and begins to ask her some questions, her answers resonating within Yui and slowly restoring her own passion. Mochizuki asks Yui how her entry is going and Yui confesses that because of how much she focused on winning, she lost sight of her original goal of entering because she loved art. She asks to borrow some supplies so that she can get to work, now having an idea.

Just then, Stop and Freeze appear to target the children. Yui gets in their way and they decide to start with her, but she resists allowing them to seal her dream. This confuses the duo but they manage to snatch it away and transform it into a Zetsuborg. The Cures notice and transform while Mochizuki gets the children to safety. She warns them it is dangerous but becomes confused when she recognizes Cure Flora. She runs off to get help allowing them to battle the Zetsuborg, which fires colored beams and large projectile crayons at them.

From within the Zetsuborg, Yui's consciousness slowly awakens to see the girls fighting on her behalf, refusing to let her dream be taken from her. She then remembers them helping her in the past, and after they knock the Zetsuborg over, she proclaims that she wants to draw the feelings she has experienced, and she wants to show everyone. She attempts to break free while her body starts to move, causing the Zetsuborg to suddenly stop. The girls transform into Mode Elegant and use Grand Printemps, purifying Yui's dream.

After being freed from the cage of despair, Yui explains how she could hear their voices and it allowed her to fight back. They are very impressed and she reveals that seeing them fight has allowed her to see that happiness is the ability to dream and the Pretty Cure, who work so hard to protect it.

The girls change back to normal and take off as Mochizuki returns with some of the school staff. They begin to discuss "rumored Princesses", a group of girls various students reported seeing who has come to protect their dreams.

Yui has finally finished her picture and the girls compliment her efforts. For the contest, Mochizuki happily sees Yui was able to enter, producing the lovely painting "Rainbow of Dreams".

Major Events

  • Yui becomes a Zetsuborg for the third time, however, she is able to fight against the despair she is going through, helping the Cures to purify her.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The opening contains no more previews for the movie Go! Princess Pretty Cure: Go! Go!! Gouka Sanbon Date!!! that was released in theaters on October 31st. However, there were still some scenes during the sponsor announcements.
  • Because the focus of the episode was mainly on Yui, there was no ending card featuring a Dress Up Key.
  • This is the first episode where a Zetsuborg victim fights back from within the Cage of Despair.
  • Cure Mermaid is the featured soloist in the ending.


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