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Dreams or Pretty Cure!? Sparking Kirara's Chosen Path! (夢かプリキュアか!?輝くきららの選ぶ道! Yume ka Purikyua ka!? Kagayaku Kirara no Erabu Michi!?) is the 42nd episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 577th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Kirara is given an opportunity to model in New York, which she accepts. However, her duties as a Pretty Cure seem to be getting in the way, and she has a hard decision to make when an aspiring model who looks up to her gets captured.


Kirara happily prepares to savor every bite of her beloved Marble Donut; something she hasn't got much of lately due to being so busy with work. Before she can take her first bite a pair of girls approach to ask for her autograph. She graciously accepts, only to find a whole line has gathered.

By the time she finishes it's now evening as the group head inside. She perks up as her Manager rushes inside to inform her that she's been chosen as one of the main models for an upcoming Japan Collection gig. She can't contain her excitement as the girls explain how renowned this special modeling job is to Towa, and Kirara being only in middle school makes her that much more amazing. Her manager goes on to say that this show will be held in New York, and as a world wide event if everything goes well then she might obtain international stardom.

Meanwhile, Prince Kanata has been observing the various castle. Just like the Flame Castle, he sees that the Star Castle has also began to awaken as he observes the colorful light shining from it.

Kirara's Manager goes on to introduce a cute young girl, their companies newest model: Akehoshi Karin. Karin shyly greets Kirara and her Manager explains that for experience she will be acting as Kirara's assistant during her work for this upcoming show. The girls show Karin support which makes her feel less anxious.

Karin admires Kirara as she chats with the photographer about her upcoming gig. He compliments her for managing to break out into the elite model territory, and once she finishes, Kirara heads into another room while Karin prepares a drink for her. She shyly attempts to make Kirara comfortable and sensing how uneasy she is, Kirara tries to offer her some advice on what helps a model improve; such as focusing in the moment and how to adapt, and she assures "Rin-Rin" that she doesn't need to take so much care of her.

The following day, Cure Twinkle hurriedly purifies a Zetsuborg and transforms back to normal, rushing to work. The girls are concerned and try to convince her to rest, but she insist she'll be okay. While they worry over how busy she's become, the girls happen to overhear her voice to find an ad being played on a nearby monitor. She has been appearing in a lot more things lately, which makes them very happy. They prepare to leave when Minami spots some dolphin and sea life on the screen and this reminds her that while Kirara has been racing up the stairs leading to her dreams, she hasn't been focusing on hers in some time. Minami snaps out of her daze when they call for her.

Kirara is being interviewed at the time and she recalls the amazing way she felt seeing her mother model for the first time. She was so impressed that it caused her to want to become a model too, and it's a dream that she's had since youth. As she continues to speak with the host, Kirara is shown appearing in various modeling magazines, ads, even a press conference.

She goes on break to find Karin with a large donut waiting for her, much to her alarm. Karin explains that she made it, but she knows she overdid it. Kirara eagerly suggests they split it because it's so large, and Karin grabs her a drink while they discuss her mother. Kirara goes on to ask Karin what inspired her to seek a career in modeling, and after a moment she decides to confide in her. Karin explains how listless she felt without a dream of her own, nothing went well for her and she would worry over what to do with herself. But one day, she saw the most sparkly model on a magazine cover and it cheered her up. She bought it and every time she would look at it she felt better, then she began to read more magazines and she started to buy cute clothing, practicing her poses, learning how to style her hair. She felt like a whole new person, and she started to think about becoming a model. Kirara comments that her dream has been becoming true then, because she's starting to model now, but Karin insists that she doesn't want to be just any old model. Kirara is dying to know after she takes a few guesses, but Karin is too flustered to reveal what her true aspiration is.

Early the next morning, Kirara sits with her items packed. Towa notices she is nervous and Kirara explains that because its a renowned, world wide stage, she knows that she can't fail. But at the same time she's just really excited and can't wait to get on it.  Towa begins to brush Kirara's hair and they chat, with Kirara explaining how becoming Cure Twinkle has inspired her to keep running. Her dream stage is waiting for her, and she will keep going with everything she got.

Later, the girls join Kirara at the airport to observe a plane taking off. They exchange some words and head towards the building to locate her plane, unaware of Close and Freeze showing up. They set their sights on Karin sensing her overwhelmingly strong dream and waste no time cornering her. The girls are alarmed upon realizing this as Karin's dream of becoming a model like Kirara who can inspire others to follow their dreams is revealed. A Zetsuborg vaguely resembling Kirara appears from her. Kirara prepares to transform but the others assure her that they can handle it, she needs to get to her plane so that she doesn't risk missing her big debut on the worlds stage. They transform into Cure Flora, Scarlet, and Mermaid and begin to fight the Zetsuborg as she watches with Yui, Aroma, and Pafu.

Everyone convinces her to leave but Kirara hesitates as she thinks about Karin, but she turns and breaks out into a run down the path. She can't just give up on her dream knowing they can handle it, but she feels such heavy remorse for Karin being caught up in this that she stops again. Karin's dream came from watching her, so she can't just abandon her. She turns around and runs back to them, saying that she must be the one to protect Karin's dream, and as a Princess Pretty Cure it's her duty above all else. She transforms into Cure Twinkle and physically starts to fight the Zetsuborg, with Close and Freeze trying to interfere. The others help Twinkle by using their attacks but they get blown back by a strong wind coming from the Zetsuborg. Twinkle gets knocked down but she keeps standing to fight, withstanding the blow as she thinks about Karin's dream. She demands they return it and she inserts a key, allowing her to perform a brand new attack known as Galaxy Chorus. With the distraction everyone transforms into Model Elegant to purify the dream.

Twinkle releases Karin from the cage of Despair once Close and Freeze leave. She holds Karin and listens as she wishes for Kirara to do her best, just as a large plane passes overhead.

In the office, Kirara's manager has been trying to get in touch with the staff holding the Japan Collection event. Kirara feels remorse for not showing up in time and her manager is disappointed with her. She is sure she had a good reason, but this damage not only puts her dreams of going abroad on hold, but she'll most-likely get less work here too. She can only hope it's temporary. Kirara apologizes as her manager gets a call.

As the girls sadly watch the Japan Collection airing, they are surprised when Kirara rejoins them and seems to be in a good mood. She assures them she's alright because she chose to protect Karin's dream. She doesn't regret it, and if it should happen several more times, she will keep doing the same thing. The girls are touched by her kindness but they believe she may not be telling them everything. She heads off for her room assuring them that they don't have to worry.

The Star Castles light is shown to dim, and in her room Kirara wistfully observes the evening sky from her window.

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