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Kirara the Top Star! Toward the Stage of Twinkling Dreams! (一番星のきらら!夢きらめくステージへ!! Ichiban Hoshi no Kirara! Yume Kirameku Sutēji e!?) is the 43rd episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 578th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Kirara decides to put her modeling career on the backburner to focus on solely being a Pretty Cure. However, her friends don't want her to give up so easily, so they put together a fashion show showcasing everyone's dreams in hopes of boosting her confidence.


As Kirara and the others are enjoying their Marble Donuts, a Zetsuborg created by Stop & Freeze appears and Kirara notices. She rushes off to transform into Cure Twinkle, just as Haruka, Minami and Towa get up to defeat it they notice she's gone missing. By the time they find her, she's already defeated the monster with Twinkle Humming and is placing the victim on a park bench. She transforms back to normal when two fans nearby spot her. She quickly heads off sensing they want an autograph.

Meanwhile, Bauanne Baurollo arrives at the airport.

At the academy, Kirara is playing basketball with her classmates when they comment on how rare it is to see her have fun. A worried Haruka and Yui watch from a window inside the academy, and later that night Haruka confronts Kirara about her job as a model.

Just then Shirogane-san appears to report that Kirara has guests. They turn out to be Akehoshi Karin and Tachi Kyoko who question her about her suspended career, much to the girls shock as Bauanne also appears, with a job offer for her. She turns him down before he can explain what it is, to the point of alarming Karin and making her cry as Kirara walks off. Towa chases after her demanding answers and she tries to talk her back to her senses. Kirara explains that she thought she could put 200% into both modelling and being a Pretty Cure, but it didn't work out so she chose Pretty Cure.

Outside, Karin explains to Haruka, Minami and Yui about how she always chased her dream to be like Kirara but without Kirara as her inspiration any more she doesn't know what to do. Haruka doesn't want Kirara to lose sight of her sparkling dream so she comes up with an idea that will help her resume chasing after it again.

With Mochizuki-sensei's approval, Haruka and Minami were allowed to create a fashion of dreams at the academy. But they couldn't do it alone, and they need models, so they head out to look for help. Everyone agrees to lend a hand, and while this is going on Aroma and Pafu tell Prince Kanata about what was going on with Kirara. This causes him to wonder if all four of the castles may be linked to the Pretty Cure's dreams as he recalls the changing light he's witnessed.

As the sun sets Kirara is walking to her room when she finds a magazine with her on the cover. She then finds a letter tucked beneath it and it turns out to be an invite to the fashion of dreams. Curious, she walks to the location of the event to find Minami on stage, with everyone having been waiting for her. Minami hosts the event and as each participant walked down the runway, she tells the audience of each models dream. The surprise guest -Karin- takes her turn and poses in a way that causes Kirara to remember doing a similar pose with her mother when she was a child. Haruka and Yui appear behind her to ask what she thought of the show, and Kirara bluntly complains that it wasn't that good. Not only was the stage a mess, but the models were amateurs. Haruka states that Kirara wasn't supposed to be in the audience as she recalls how amazing it was to see Kirara on stage for the first time. She wants Kirara to keep chasing her dream.

These words ignite something in Kirara, and she heads to the dressing room to find Pafu, Aroma, and Towa waiting. She gets changed and walks onto stage and down the runway while thinking about how much fun it is to be a model. At the end of the runway, Minami asks what her dream is and Kirara proudly answers that she wants to be the most sparking star, the number one model in the world. This causes Karin to cry in happiness, everyone to be happy for her and Bauanne to call her a "High End Star Princess".

Backstage, Bauanne asks Kirara if she would like to hear his offer now that she feels better and he begins to describe it while Yui listens in worry and Ranko sings on stage to the audience.

Meanwhile, the star on the Star Palace in the Hope Kingdom begins shining again. Seeing this, Dyspear creates a Metsuborg to stop it from shining.

Haruka, Minami and Towa go to visit Kirara backstage but Aroma and Pafu alert them to the Metsuborg. The four girls run to where it is and they transform into Go! Princess Pretty Cure. As they fight against the Metsuborg, the Metsuborg tries to eat them, but Scarlet and Mermaid block the attack. They then help Flora and Twinkle to attack the Metsuborg's head. Twinkle uses her Meteor Humming attack to surround the Metsuborg with shooting stars as she punches it in the face, distracting it long enough to allow Flora to kick it and force it down.

Twinkle then appears floating on a full moon before it, and she states that nothing will stop her. She kicks the moon towards the Metsuborg and uses Galaxy Chorus to turn it back into it's original form, a lock. The Cures use Grand Printemps to defeat the lock.

As the Cures look at the Hope Kingdom, the Royal Key shines before Twinkle, and she says "Royal Majesty" which takes them to the Star Castle. Kanata appears and tells Twinkle to restore the castle, and she proceeds to do so, which causes the sky to return to its normal state. As a large yellow beam of light appears trailing from the castle, Dyspear is very angry as she witnesses this.

With everything back to normal, Kirara tells everyone what Bauanne said to her, which was that in the Spring she will go to Paris to be the exclusive model of his brand. She can only stay for a bit longer and this makes everyone feel saddened after she confirms that she decided to take up his offer, but Haruka suggests that Kirara will have to become a Grand Princess to save Hope Kingdom before then. Kirara agrees but Aroma seems doubtful they can manage since it won't be an easy task, only for her to assure him that it will happen because she is Amanogawa Kirara.

Major Events

  • The Palace of Stars has been restored.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • During the fashion show, an instrumental version of Dreams Are the Path to the Future plays.
  • Bauanne comments that Kirara is a "High End Star Princess". This could be referencing to Kirara's first character song, High End・Star.
  • Cure Twinkle is the featured soloist in the ending.


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