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Feelings I Want to See! To the Ocean of Minami's Dream! (伝えたい想い!みなみの夢よ大海原へ! Tsutaetai Omoi! Minami no Yume yo Ōunabara e!?) is the 45th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 580th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With her true dream decided, Minami now has to face telling her parents that she wants to be a marine doctor in lieu of her original dream, and she becomes worried that they wouldn't support it.


As a child, Minami observed the ocean while on a trip with her family. She asked many questions, such as why dolphins jump the way they do, and why the ocean is so blue. Her family found it amusing and their explanation of the sea made her curious to learn even more.

Meanwhile, Dyspear is about to punish Shut for failing yet again, but gives him one last chance after he begs for one.

At school everyone is preparing the Christmas party when Pafu brings a letter in for Minami from her mom. After Haruka remembered how Minami had been depressed lately, Minami assures them she is fine, but she's worried about telling her family about her career decision because they still think she will join them. The girls understood why this was difficult because she enrolled at Noble Academy for that reason and feels guilty for failing to live up to their expectations. She claims she's fine because she plans on telling them on New Years.

The Christmas Party begins and everyone enjoys themselves, eating while watching various stage performances. The cheerleaders form a large tree, Ranko balances various items, Yui pretends to perform ventriloquism with Pafu while Aroma spouts tongue twisters. Lastly, the girls perform a Christmas song for everyone.

Afterwards the girls excitedly chatter over how well the performance went. Shirogane, dressed as Santa, informs Minami her mother called. She heads to the nearby phone to chat with her and emotionally speaks about spending Christmas together. Her mother asks if she is alright and apologizes for interrupting her party, but Minami assures her it's fine and tells her that as long as Minami has fun she will be happy and it's fine just to wish her a Merry Christmas. After that, Minami starts to cry as the others figure out that she really loves her mother and wants to tell her how she feels but because she still feels awful. The girls calm her down and assure her that things will work out.

At the Sea Palace, Shut angrily tosses his lock on it to transform the area. The water dries up and several thorny vines sprout from the ground to cover it.

Minami prepares for her brother's arrival when she notices a large wave of water coming toward her as she walks along the corridor. It spills apart to reveal a sea turtle Zetsuborg and Shut. Minami transforms into Cure Mermaid and the Zetsuborg attacks her with dark water blasts. In her momentary distraction, Mermaid is overtaken and finds herself in Hope Kingdom as the Zetsuborg reappears and throws her back. Before it can finish her off, Cure Scarlet comes to her rescue using Scarlet Illusion, followed by Twinkle and Flora joining them. Prince Kanata warns them to be careful as the Zetsuborg withdraws into its shell and begins spinning around to throw them back. It lands back onto the ground and begins spreading its darkness through the ground.

Mermaid then uses Frozen Ripple, blocking the next attack from the Zetsuborg. She refuses to let them ruin the sea that inspired everything she stands for and that she will remain tough against despair. She injures the Zetsuborg with Coral Maelstrom, and removes its lock when the water lends its power to her, giving the girls time to transform into Mode Elegant Royal and purify it. Kanata then instructs Mermaid to restore the Sea Castle. The vines vanish as water returns to the area, and a blue beam of light shoots out from it to join the others. Before heading back, the girls admire the Hope Kingdom's lovely water surrounding them.

Later that day, Minami joins Wataru for a drive as he recalls something had been off with her. However Minami seems to be in a better mood and believes she's come to an answer she was looking for. Wataru is surprised and he explains that he came to talk to her about this, but it wasn't necessary anymore and he tells her to do her best.

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Kaido are observing Christmas lights as snow began to fall. Minami's mother worries she might get sick but he assures her that she's alright, just in time for them to spot their children. They are delighted to see them and Minami decides that she must tell her parents what she's been hiding from them. She then tells them that she has her own dream now as opposed to working with them and apologizes for failing them. She sadly waits for harsh critiques, but they reveal to be supportive of her decision and wish her luck. She's surprised and accuses herself of being selfish, but her parents assure her that she's actually very kind and were happy she made her own decision and put her happiness first. Minami begins to cry and her mother comforts her when Wataru reveals he made reservations for them to have dinner nearby. As they start to leave her father asks to hear more about Minami's dream.

Major Events

  • Cure Mermaid restores the Sea Palace, bringing the third rainbow back to Hope Kingdom.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Joyful! Pretty Cure Christmas is played during the Cures' performance at the Christmas party.
  • Cure Mermaid is the featured soloist in the ending.


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