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Beautiful...! The Wandering Shut and the Snow Castle! (美しい…!さすらうシャットと雪の城! Utsukushī...! Sasurau Shatto to Yuki no Shiro!?) is the 46th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 581st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It is snowing at Noble Academy, and Towa, experiencing her first snow ever, decides to build a snow castle resembling the one in Hope Kingdom, and the whole school pitches in to help. Shut discovers that castle and becomes jealous of its beauty, and wants to destroy it.


With a light snow falling outside, everyone at school is busy cleaning to welcome the New Year. The girls discuss their holiday plans, with Towa bringing up that she and her brother were invited to join Mr. Nishikido. Kirara recalls that Minami will be going on a family trip to visit some wild penguins, and she confesses that she'll probably just lounge around the house. Haruka plans to help out at home because the holidays make it pretty busy. Towa happily observes her friends.

Shut walks through the increasing snow. He seethes as he acknowledges that his failure has left him with nothing and nowhere to return.

The girls leave school to admire the fluffy, thick snow covering the ground. As they recall not seeing this much snow back in the Hope Kingdom, Towa is amazed by the sight and the girls lead her to an even fuller location nearby. They allow her to take the first steps into the snowy ground and they begin to play, with Aroma and Pafu joining in. The girls create various snowmen and snow statues before suggesting that Towa try but she's unsure of what to do when suddenly Haruka is hit by a snowball thrown by a group of nearby male classmates. They apologize for accidentally hitting her and take off after Haruka fails to return the shot, and the girls return to find Towa building Hope Kingdom's castle. Everyone lends her a hand before eventually being joined by their other classmates to help make it bigger, with Yui drawing a castle blueprint for a reference. Towa is very surprised by everyone's kindness.

As everyone is preparing to get started the group assess that the castle might not be able to hold its weight if it's only made of snow. Shirogane then appears to offer some leftover wood to help it. Meanwhile, Ranko offers her own assistance and some of the students prepare some soup to keep everyone warm while working.

Meanwhile, Shut gloomily walks through town, ignoring those who stare at him until a bird snatches his rose. Realizing how low he has sunk, Shut's determination returns and he runs through the streets.

The castle is finally completed and after admiring it, the students decide to head back into the building to rest and warm themselves up. Towa remains and observes it when she hears Shut angrily approaching. He then stop to see the castle, which angers him to the point where he attacks and damages a bit of it. Towa scolds his cruelty and transforms into Cure Scarlet to fight him, which Aroma and Pafu sense and alert the girls about. They soon arrive and transform to help her. Shut easily manages to withstand their attempts to overtake him, and their words only infuriate him. He sends a large blast of dark magic at the castle and Scarlet shields it with her flames. To help her, the girls use their attacks to send Shut flying some distance away.

Overcome with despair, Shut powers himself up, gaining beastly features. He continues to attack the girls as Scarlet tries to see what made him so angry to begin with and he points fingers at her, blaming her for his downfall. The girls try to make Shut realize his own guiltiness but fail to reach him, saying he was looked down upon by everyone and Dyspear gave up on him. He had to stand up for himself every time and only had himself to trust.

The girls are alarmed as he transforms even further to become a large cat-like monster. Scarlet is very shocked as she witnesses him destroying several frozen trees. Scarlet uses Scarlet Illusion to trap Shut and the girls transform into Mode Elegant Royal to purify him. Shut falls to the ground and slowly returns to normal, and Scarlet approaches him as he awakens. Scarlet attempts to sympathize with him by explaining about how much she had changed since her time as Twilight and how she has gained so many things that she wants to protect. To her, this is what makes someone beautiful, and she offers Shut the chance to join her and change for the better. Shut refuses her sympathy and picks up his hat before leaving without a word. Scarlet seems concerned but she says nothing more.

As the girls return to the castle, Haruka promises Towa they can fix the damage it sustained. But to their surprise they find everyone has taken it upon themselves to do it. Towa happily remarks that it's beautiful, while Shut observes them nearby, thinking about what she told him earlier. He's surprised when he finds Miss Shamour in human form with Kuroro offering him a scarf so he won't fall ill. He accepts her gift but storms off refusing to say anything.

Haruka returns home and quickly starts helping her family. Minami and her family go out on their trip to see the penguins while Kirara has a big dinner with her parents. Towa and Kanata play music for the mascots and Mr. Nishikido. Through town, Shut walks by himself.

Within Hope Kingdom, three of the castles have been restored, while the fourth is still dreary and covered in thorny vines.

Major Events

  • Shut's monster form is seen for the first time, and he is presumably purified.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Cure Scarlet is the featured soloist in the ending.


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