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Despair Approaches! The Princesses in Grave Danger! (迫る絶望…!絶体絶命のプリンセス! Semaru Zetsubō...! Zettaizetsumei no Purinsesu!?) is the 48th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 583rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With Dyspear now attacking Noble Academy, the Cures are left with no choice but to reveal their secret identities to their fellow students and faculty as they prepare to finally put an end to the evils of Dys Dark.


As Yui worries over the others safety she becomes alarmed by a cloud resembling Dyspear as the surroundings darken and lightning starts to flash around Noble Academy. The citizens outside the academy -along with Shut- are startled watching this as students and faculty gather and Yui joins them, noticing a larger image of Dyspear. A light shining behind her alerts her to the girls and Prince Kanata, who firmly watch the scene unfolding before them.

Now that she is free, Dyspear plans to take away everyone's dreams to gain despair. The girls prepare to leap into action but are stopped by various classmates, who are confused by this behavior and want to help. The girls know this is impossible and they can't risk letting them get hurt, but they can't just transform in front of them either because then they would know the truth.

After a moment, Haruka comes to the decision that in this life-or-death situation she has no choice. She walks away from Yuuki and Kirara, Minami, and Towa comes with her and they transform into Princess Pretty Cure. Everyone is shocked as the girls run towards Noble Academy, followed by Prince Kanata -dressed in his royal clothing- and the mascots -who are speaking openly- and when Yuuki notices Yui's concern he asks if she knew. Yui remorsefully explains to everyone that she's known from the beginning, and its them who have been protecting everyone's dreams as of late. She goes on to tell them of the Hope Kingdom.

At the very top of the thorny vines Dyspear overlooks her surroundings and summons Close. As she cannot move she sends him out to deal with Pretty Cure, handing over a scrap of fabric stating that he might find some use in it.

As the girls rush through the school grounds Stop and Freeze arrive to stop them. Shamour transforms as Kanata uses his staff to block their oncoming beams of energy and they remain back to keep the duo busy to allow the girls to continue. They are startled when Close appears and uses the scrap fabric to revive the monster -Lock- that took over Kuroro. Their attacks against Lock barely phase him and effortlessly he shatters Twinkle's shield. As the girls are forced back they compare him to last time and realize that something is controlling him. With her violin, Scarlet manages to summon a barrier and the girls cast Trinity Explosion on it, followed by a fiery phoenix from Scarlet.

Seeing his partner in need of help, Close spots the students and unleashes several thorny vines that wrap around them and force them into the cages of despair. Yui tries to avoid being overtaken but it's of no use, and to everyone's alarm they see Lock growing in massive size. Lock manages to utterly destroy not only their attacks- but the girls Crystal Rods and the Scarlet Violin. Pretty Cure can only look on in horror after being thrown down.

Within her cage, Yui awakens and watches everyone fight. She snaps out of her despair and attempts to reach out to them as the girls continue getting up, against the odds and continue fighting. Lock shoots out vines an grabs the Cure, but seeing their courage Yui manages to overcome her helplessness as she realizes that she has to fight alongside the others in order to protect her dream and make it come true. She destroys her cage and after a moment of alarm, she's joined by the mascots. As sparkles of light begin to pour down she reasons with the mascots that if she could wake up then everyone else can too, and she desperately calls out to everyone and attempts awakening them. She reasons that their dreams are worth protecting, they have to be able to make them come true no matter what happens.

As the cages begin shattering apart, large beams of light representing their dreams begin to shine out. Lock starts to weaken from the evaporating despair, freeing the Cures. Lock shrinks down as Yui and the mascots rush towards the Cures. They're very shocked Yui was able to open the cages of despair, but she reasons that their courage to chase after their dreams and despire to help is what did it. Her words manage to cheer the Cures up as Lock sadly pleads for despair. Kuroro asks if it's possible to save Lock because he feels badly for him, and this makes Flora remember battling Shut when he was overcome with despair. Close prepares to battle the girls himself and forms a large sphere of energy, but just as he blasts it at them, Shut appears to destroy it. He then goes on to strongly punch Close and sen him flying back, and he starts to yell at Shut for becoming so weak now. He reasons that they must change and release themselves from Dyspear's grasp, and seeing Lock begin to come around, Shut yells at the Cure to free him. They transform into Mode Elegant Royal and purify Lock.

As Kuroro approaches the smaller, unconscious Lock, Shut is attacked by Close. He vanishes before anyone can retaliate and everyone looks on in alarm as Dyspear speaks out once more. The Cures stand bravely and await her first move.

Major Events


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The second trailer for Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! is shown.
  • In this episode's preview, Cure Twinkle's glove is not colored in when she is seen holding up her rod.
  • Yui managed to break free from the Cage of Despair on her own, instead of being freed by the Cures.
  • Cure Twinkle is the featured soloist in the ending.


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