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The Final Battle Against Dyspear! Birth of the Grand Princesses! (決戦ディスピア!グランプリンセスタ誕生! Kessen Disupia! Guran Purinsesu Tanjō!?) is the 49th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 584th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The determined Cures charge toward Dyspear, but she absorbs the power of Close to make herself even stronger. With not even Grand Printemps affecting her, and with the despair spreading throughout the world, the Cures start to lose hope...


Dyspear decides to absorb a loyal Close to spread despair even further, with Stop and Freeze turning into tangled vines soon after.

Everyone stands in fright watching Dyspear turn into her true form. As she approaches the Cures, they all retaliate with their attacks, but because of her absorbing Close's powers, she doesn't even flinch and repels them. She then makes her vines spread even farther out, overgrowing Yumegahama and locking its residents within cages of despair, with the same now happening throughout the world.

Dyspear then goes on to explain how she was born out of everyone's unfulfilled dreams, setbacks, and regrets, which in turn give birth to despair in the form of a thorny forest with Hope Kingdom and created her. Dyspear prepares to attack the school students and faculty when Prince Kanata uses his magic to summon a protective barrier. The mascots inform them that only the Cures can defeat Dyspear once they become Grand Princesses, but Miss Shamour doesn't know how they can achieve this and what's missing in order to do so.

Dyspear shrinks herself down and shatters the barrier, forcing Pretty Cure to quickly come to their friends aid. Dyspear unleashes several small creatures from her vines to attack the girls while everyone worriedly watches, wondering how they can keep fighting in such a state. Yui assures everyone that this is because they worked so hard to get to this point to keep everyone's dreams safe. Yuuki comments that Haruka is still the same girl he knows and Yui agrees.

Pafu and Aroma join the girls, allowing them to change into Mode Elegant Royal. But their attempt to break through Dyspear's dark magic causes her to retaliate and she hits them with so much force that it knocks them out of Pretty Cure state. She tells them to give up as her vines slowly move to reveal the doors of despair, and she begins to collect everyone within their cages. The girls can only watch helplessly as they were locked within its doors, realizing that they failed to protect anyone's dreams as darkness consumes the world.

Just as Dyspear tells them to fall into despair, Pafu and Aroma start to attack the vines to snap the girls out of it. Seeing their willingness to fight, the girls' classmates soon come to their rescue, inspired by their determination to protect everybody's dreams, offering encouragement and doing as much as they can to help. As Shut walks by Kuroro to join everyone else, Kuroro sadly wishes he could help as well. Lock awakens hearing this.

Dyspear attempts to attack them again, but lights begin to shine from everyone and a key appears from each person. Prince Kanata mentions that they are born from the shattered shards of the Princess Rod, which represented everyone's dreams. They then hand the keys to the girls, releasing a brilliant light from above. The power of everyone's dreams encourages the girls stand and pick up their keys. Just then, the Princess Perfumes start to glow again and release colorful lights that summon doors before Dyspear. The girls run up these lights to the doors and use their keys to unlock them, with everyone else holding back the vine creatures; including Shut and Kuroro, who has taken his Lock form once again to fight by their side.

The girls transform back into Cure form as they open the doors. Within the door Haruka sees the moment her dream of becoming a real Princess was born as she unlocks the door. The girls are covered in golden attire and become Grand Princesses. They unleash a large blast of light at Dyspear and soon their Dress Up Keys appear, merging to form the Gold Dress Up Key. This allows the Cures to use Grand Libération, which forms a large key of light that breaks through Dyspear's lock and shatters her. The world returns to normal as Flora says "Gokigen'yo" after finally defeating Dyspear.

Major Events

  • The Princess Pretty Cures gain their Grand Princess forms.
  • The gold Dress Up Key appears.
  • Kuroro becomes Lock again, though he fights alongside Shut.
  • The Princess Cures perform a new attack called Grand Libération.
  • Close is absorbed into Dyspear, while Stop & Freeze transform back into their original forms; gold and silver masses of thorns.


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