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To a Distant Dream! Go! Princess Pretty Cure! (はるかなる夢へ!Go!プリンセスプリキュア! Haruka Naru Yume e! Go! Purinsesu Purikyua!?) is the 50th episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and is the 585th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Dyspear has been defeated once and for all thanks to the Cures, but Close reappears, using what was left of Dyspear's power to gain a new form. Cure Flora has no choice but to duel against him in hopes of finally conquering over the despair.

Major Events

  • Close changes into his final form to try and defeat the Cures, though he fails to do so and leaves after a heart-to-heart with Cure Flora.
  • Hope Kingdom's king and queen, as well as its people, have finally been freed.
  • The Music Princess Palace turns back into Hope Kingdom's castle.
  • Pafu, Aroma, Prince Kanata and Towa all return to Hope Kingdom because the two worlds closed after Dyspear was defeated.
  • The Princess Perfumes, Dress Up Keys and the Cures' weapons are now kept within the castle.
  • In an epilogue shown at the end, it is revealed that a few years down the line, Haruka and the others have gotten crystal versions of their Dress Up Keys.
    • It is also revealed that Yui has published a book.
  • This episode marks the end of Go! Princess Pretty Cure and marks Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! to take its initial timeslot.


Continued from the previous episode, the Cures reappear in front of everyone they know as Grand Princesses. Just as everyone thinks that they have returned in victory, it turns out that they are not fully correct: Close, now fused with Dyspear, has reappeared as well and claims that Dys Dark won't be disbanded until every dream has been sealed.

More thorns grow as he speaks, and Close further attacks the Cures by shooting shadowy arrow-like projectiles. He continues his speech, stating that they can't coexist with him and believes that this battle, which is endless, is their fate. Twinkle is about to fight back when Flora stops her from doing so as fighting won't change the situation for the better, and flies towards Close with the hopes of negotiating with him, much to her friends' surprise. Scarlet is worried, but Mermaid tells her to trust Flora and encourages Flora to carry on. The farther she flies, the more thorns appear and entrap her.

After entering the center to meet Close face-to-face, Close immediately attacks her mercilessly and mocks her by saying that she might die in his hands. Flora delivers him a few kicks, but Close still has no intention of giving up and shoots more arrows as retaliation at the stage. As Flora shields herself with her wand, she knows that defeating Dyspear alone can't put an end to despair, before Close once again pounces and insults her for being weak, causing her to be slammed onto one of the thorns. Shooting multiple destructive beams and gripping Flora, he vows to drag her into despair until she finally breaks because he believes that despair is sure to follow as long as dreams exist.

While Flora is in a state between conscious and unconscious, she begins to rethink the definition of despair with flashbacks of moments when she had to confront with it, starting with her dream being harshly laughed at during childhood, messing up the dress she made, Towa being upset, being scolded, having stage fright, guilty after seeing one of her schoolmates injured, Katana accidentally hurting her feelings, but this does not make her forget the happiness she has experienced, such as making a beautiful dress, befriending Towa, being Pretty Cure with Minami and Kirara, performing on stage and having the chance to meet Kanata as a child. This realization has provided her the courage to fight back against Close, who sent out Stop & Freeze, shocking him when Flora is shown to be immune to the attack's damaging effect. She replies to Close that despair does come after dreams and is all around everybody and acknowledges the hardships she has in the past, yet she chooses to face her difficulties instead.

Enraged, Close thinks that Flora is speaking rubbish and tries to hit her, only to be blocked by her shield. She tells him firmly that happiness and hardships are two sides of the same coin but they have made her into the person she is today. Close sees this as nonsense and summons Stop and Freeze, who are then blocked by Flora as well, who summons her wand and blasts them away with petals. She goes on about how both despair and dreams have helped her grow and sees that joy and sorrow are two things that create dreams. Close desperately wants to silence her in a fury. However, Flora takes hold of him and turns the battlefield into a pink terrain full of petals, and still insists that she can overcome it. Close closes his eyes after hearing Flora's perspective and admits that he has enough and chooses to disappear, so he and Flora bid each other farewell, with Flora hoping to see him again one day.

As the thorns vanish, Flora's friends are concerned for her safety and are relieved to see her safe and sound. Flora tells them that she indeed has talked things out with Close, and smiles at them. They use their keys for the last time to unlock the door, and everything returns to peace. Towa and Kanata's parents finally awake as well followed by the kingdom's complete restoration, and they are moved to reunite with their long lost daughter as they embrace, and Kanata and Haruka have overjoyed tears in their eyes.

After being welcomed by the kingdom's inhabitants, the king and queen thank the other princesses and the fairies for saving all of them, which make the fairy siblings shy. Then one by one, the four keys, according to Kanata, return to their slumber after serving their purposes. As the keys might have to be returned to the kingdom, Miss Shamour becomes worried that the girls and the fairies have to be separated from one another as a result, saddening both the girls and the fairies. After having one last tea party, Towa moves out of the dorm and is grateful for her friends' longtime support, then gives her friends a tearful goodbye, with Haruka comforting her through a hug. Yui and Minami also soothe the distraught fairy siblings.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Similar to the ending of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!, there is a short baton pass message with Cure Flora passing the torch to Cure Miracle.
  • For the opening, the first edit of the theme song that was used for the first half of the season is played for the first time since the beginning of episode 25. Also, Cure Flora is in her Grand Princess form when she looks at Kanata.
  • The ending is similar to the final episode of Smile Pretty Cure!, as in both cases the Cures and fairies had to part ways, but with the promise that they would meet again.
  • Cure Flora is the featured soloist in the ending.





Baton pass with Cure Flora & Cure Miracle

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