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Gamettsu (ガメッツ Gamettsu?) is a villain in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!.

He is one of Dokurokushe's minions and part of the Dark Magicians Trio with Batty and Sparda.


Gamettsu meets Mirai in the forbidden library and attacks her. She runs away to meet up with Riko as he then summons a Yokubaru from two books but both girls fly away on a broom, Gamettsu attacks them, but a mysterious light distracts the Yokubaru and the girls are teleported to the top of the bookshelf where they transform. He then orders the Yokubaru to attack them again. After facing it head-on, the girls use Diamond Eternal and purify the Yokubaru and Gamettsu gets blown out of the library from the attack and is then soaked by a passing rain cloud and retreats.

After fighting against Pretty Cure in various episodes, he steals the Linkle Stone Garnet and challenges them to a duel on a remote island, powering himself up for this. He is defeated by the Cures while in their Ruby Style forms in episode 18, and, without his magic, looked like a regular turtle. It is later proven that he still retains memories, as he aids Batty in a fight by lending him his old magic staff.

Gamettsu had a large role in the comedic episode 29, where the villains filled the roles of various villainous Cinderella characters. Gamettsu played the bodacious mother of Mofuderella, who tries to win the heart of the prince.

Later in episode 44, Sparda tries to revive her old friends. She seeks out Gamettsu, who was fighting sharks at sea in his turtle form, captures him using her web and brings him before Orba. Orba changes him back to his powerful form and he has a small reunion with Sparda and Batty. He teams up with Sparda, and immediately takes interest in Cure Felice as he hasn't fought her yet. He has a small fight with Cure Felice in that episode, but Orba interrupts it by restraining him, making him very upset. 

In episode 45, he has another fight with Cure Felice, but is again interrupted by Orba. Orba tells him and Sparda that they were merely his tools and nothing more, angering him even further. He then along with Sparda tries to attack Orba, only to be stopped by Orba's Donyokubaru and subsequently being changed back to his original form by Orba. He becomes part of the Yokubaru fusion that defeats Orba's Donyokubaru.

He made his final appearance in episode 50 when he tries to fight Mirai and Riko in his original form, but they escape through the purple portal.


Gamettsu is a turtle-like person with light blue skin, gray hair and red eyes. He wears a dark blue-green helmet on his head with a yellow plume sticking out on top. He also has similar-colored armor on his arms and legs.

Gamettsu Powered Up.jpg

His shell is dark green with a skull design on the back and two brown belts across his chest. He is small in stature, but muscular, and his armor reminds of a roman legionary armor, the skirt and the plume being characteristic.

In his powerful form, he destroys his shell and grows larger and more muscular, and his head hair and the plume start to grow as well. His skirt becomes longer and his chest is visible due to the shell missing.


He is a strong soldier, dubbing himself a magic warrior (魔法 戦士 Mahō senshi?) instead of a magician. He seeks challenges to prove his strength and is excited by strong foes. Following his defeat at the hands of the Cures, he is satisfied as he met his match, until he hears about a possibly stronger Cure, that is.

He initially thought of gaining knowledge about the enemy and using stategies as weak and useless as seen in episode 14 when he rips up a book given to him by Yamoh that contained information about the Cures. At the end of the episode, he is angry that he didn't know more about the Cures' abilities. A lesson learned, he takes the Linkle Stone Garnet in episode 17, forcing them to come to the showdown in the next episode.

He calls the clashes with Pretty Cure "sacred battle" and planned the fight in episode 18 to have a dramatic setting (an island at the end of the world), and send them a formal invitation to battle in the form of a origami construction. He also values punctuality and gets angry at the Cures for showing up late.

In the Live on Stage shows, his writing differs greatly. In the short shows he is distracted by a fashionista complimenting his look, even striking poses for her. He also has a soft spot for cute clothes. In the musical live show, the humor lies with him acting serious, but doing unexpected things such waving around a crudely doodled depiction of Calentier (a show-only villain).


Like Batty and Sparda, he is able to create Yokubaru with dark magic. He can also use the power of dark magic to transform into his powerful form.


Gamettsu's voice actor, Nakata Jouji, has participated in an image song for the character he voices.

  • Beauty of truth (credited for "narration", as in talking to Batty and Sparda, and occasionally shouting from the back)



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