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George Kurai
ジョージ・クライ Jōji・Kurai
President Kurai
SeasonHUGtto! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorPurple/yellow
Hair ColorBlack
First AppearanceHuPC01 (silhouette)
HuPC08 (Full appearance)
Japanese Voice ActorMorita Junpei

George Kurai, also known as President Kurai (プレジデント・クライ Purejidento・Kurai?), is the main antagonist of HUGtto! Pretty Cure and the head of the Criasu Corporation. George dreams of creating a world where everyone is eternally happy. To achieve his goal, George sends out his subordinates to get the Mirai Crystals.


At first, before returning as president of Criasu in episode 23, George's position was taken by a shadow of himself. This version is shown to have long grey hair and bright red eyes. In this time as George wandered around Hagukumi, he wore a white top with black pants and shoes.

After making his return George wore more formal clothing composed of a white top with a pale yellow design lining the neck and a pair of black pants with indigo fabric lined in gold wrapped around his waist. His dark indigo point-toe boots have silver detail and a yellow gem sewn to the middle. Over his outfit is a pale blue jacket with indigo designed lining and three sets of straps in the middle. The lapel is black and has a yellow gem on each corner to match his sleeve cuffs. On the left shoulder is a pad with a silver button, while the right shoulder gains a black and gold section attached to an indigo pleat fabric and cape. He has black hair and small eyes. His face makes him appear tired and aged.


In the original timeline, George obtained a mystical book, which predicts the future. However, through the book itself, he learns the concept of togepower and the calamity it will bring upon. He's also the lover of Hana from the original timeline until an unspecified tragedy that befalls her drives his ambitions.

After Hugtan as Cure Tomorrow and Harry escapes to the past through the White Mirai Crystal. George left the main Criasu building and eventually stumbles upon his lover Hana in her teen self.


On the exterior, George seemed to be a gentle, kind and sophisticated man at the outset, as he always holds a book with him and he once confessed to Hana that his dream is a future where everyone is smiling. He aims to achieve this dream by freezing time so that nothing can move forward and happiness stays static.

However, it turns out that his kindness is a facade. In fact, he’s actually a delusional man who’s extremely obsessed on accomplishing his dreams with every method, no matter how unethical it is. He even tried kidnapping Hugtan for the latter’s presumable powers just to satisfy his obsession with shaping an impeccable future.HuPC23 He even goes as far as painfully torturing Hana's teammates to get her to think the way he does. He is also cold and unfaithful since he cheated on Papple without any remorse.HuPC22

Despite this twisted outlook, George seems to have a deep interest in Hana. During his investigations, he always sees her based by intrusion or pure coincidence, even sharing the same dream. The connection was empathized by flowers; George paints a flower scenery on the canvas, which signifies his attachments and dreams as well as Hana's Cure form which is represented by flowers. The connection was more apparent in the final fight as he avoids physically harming Hana as Cure Yell as much as possible in the final battle, preferring to talk through her. His deep interest was stemmed from knowing adult Hana from his timeline, resulting in him looking nostalgically towards teen Hana, seeing her as the woman he loved that was once everything to him.


Papple - His ex-girlfriend after he cheated on her.

Nono Hana/Cure Yell - Among the Cures, George's attention was fixated onto Hana. Hana was the sole reason for his goals, as he wished eternal happiness for her. He even stated that she was like "The Mother" when she gave hope to Henri. It later turns out that he and Hana were lovers in the original timeline but a tragedy befell her which acted as a catalyst for his actions.

His unwillingness to repeat the tragic events involving his Hana in his timeline drives his ambitions, taking extreme actions to ensure that teen Hana won't suffer anymore. Among the other Cures, he's reluctant to hurt Hana, as he prefers a persuasive approach by talking through her. His attachments and feelings towards her, being unable to move on to the tragedy becomes his undoing and defeat. Despite his plans failing, he ironically fulfilled his true objectives of securing Hana's future.

Doctor Traum - His colleague before the disbanding of Criasu. As in episode 48, it is revealed that George has personally known Traum in the past.


George's last name, Kurai (クライ?) comes from 暗い, which means "dark" or "gloomy", and the English word “cry”. The name George itself comes from Greek and means as much as "farmer" and "to cultivate".[1]


As seen in episode 23, George has the power of turning the Tomorrow Powerer of the Mirai Crystals and the PreHearts into darkness. He uses this power to freeze time to ensure everyone has eternal happiness.


  • George favorite flowers in the language of flowers reflects his thoughts and feelings towards Hana;
    • Craspedias means "eternal blessing"
    • Solidaster means "eternity"


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