Gold Forte Burst Attack

Cure Sunshine Purifying a Desertrian using Gold Forte Burst

Gold Forte Burst (ゴールド・フォルテバースト Gōrudo Forute Bāsuto?) is the purification attack that Cure Sunshine uses in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. Even though it is a purification attack, it should be noted that in later episodes, Gold Forte Burst has been used more for keeping an enemy still rather than purification. The move can only be used by Cure Sunshine, and it utilizes the Shiny Tambourine rather than the usual Flower Tacts. It was first used in episode 24.


Cure Sunshine summons her Shiny Tambourine and thumb rolls the sides of the tambourine. All three sunflower symbols light up before its gemstone center starts to shine. The tambourine surges with pure energy, and Cure Sunshine taps it four times before declaring the attack name. She then shoots out several yellow, orange, and red energy flowers at the Desertrian. An implosion occurs, and the target is suspended in the air, a sunflower having overlapped behind it. Cure Sunshine moves the tambourine in a circular motion, and in a flash of light, the enemy is purified.



Cure Sunshine: 集まれ、花のパワー!シャイニータンバリン!
Cure Sunshine: 花よ、舞い踊れ!
Cure Sunshine: プリキュア・ゴールド・フォルテバースト!


Cure Sunshine: Atsumare, hana no pawā! Shainī Tanbarin!
Cure Sunshine: Hana yo, mai odore!
Cure Sunshine: Purikyua Gōrudo Forute Bāsuto!

Literal Translation

Cure Sunshine: Gather, power of flowers! Shiny Tambourine!
Cure Sunshine: Flowers, dance!
Cure Sunshine: Pretty Cure Gold Forte Burst!



Cure Sunsine Gold Forte Burst

Cure Sunsine Gold Forte Burst

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