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Goyan (ゴーヤーン Gōyān?) is a villain in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star and seemingly Akudaikan's loyal subordinate.

However, he is actually Akudaikan's creator and the true main antagonist of the series.



For most of the series, Goyan resembles a tiny frog/monkey-like elderly man with green skin, dressed in a traditional outfit with long white sleeves, red slit eyes, and sandals with socks. He also has a small tail. He normally poses as if he holds a cane.

In his true form he grows to gigantic size, has a longer tail, longer hair, bigger ears and a horn on his head. He is also very muscular and looks to be wearing a type of armor.


At first, he acts like jovial old man and Akudaikan's most loyal servant. He addresses everyone with the suffix "-dono". He is however proactive behind the scenes. He will cover for other villains and even offer them advice on how to defeat the Cures. He likes to openly taunt others and enjoys seeing them angry, which is evident in his treatment of Karehan.

On the other hand, he sometimes tries to accommodate his lackeys (who do not know his true power and often treat him with little respect), such as training with Kintoleski or letting Moerumba ramble on about dancing.

His true goal is bent on the destruction of both earth and the Land of Fountains. In fact, he created Dark Fall just for this purpose.


  • Karehan - Goyan likes to get under his skin and has his temper completely figured out.
  • Moerumba - On the other hand, he hardly understands Moerumba and Moerumba likes to annoy him on purpose. Moerumba is not fazed by Goyan scolding him.
  • Ms. Shitataare - She gave him the nickname "Gō-chan" and they both favor trickery when dealing with the Cures. They also clash over this as Shitataare doesn't want him to get the upper hand and defeat the Cures first.Episode 30


Goya means Bitter Melon.


At first, he seems like he's just Akudaikaan's most powerful lackey and acts as his underling berating the other villains and at one point even reviving them to beat the Cures. In episode 29, he even manages to kidnap Flappy and Choppy to prevent the Cures from transforming.

After the Cures go to Dark Fall to confront Akudaikan in episode 47, it is revealed that he is the one who has created Akudaikan and the true villain using Dark Fall to destroy the fountains. After killing Akudaikan, he reveals his true form but is eventually defeated by Pretty Cure's Spiral Heart Splash Star in the final episode.



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