ゴーヤーン Gōyān
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorGrey
Home PlaceDark Fall
First AppearanceFwPCSS02
Theme ColorGreen
Japanese Voice ActorMorikawa Toshiyuki
Goyan (ゴーヤーン Gōyān?) is on Akudaikan's side. He is a short, mockingly character who will openly taunt others and seems to enjoy making them angry. As shown by how much he taunted and mocked Karehan during his attempts to defeat Pretty Cure. Ms. Shitataare calls him "Gō-chan". Goyan is the true antagonist in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star and in the end, is defeated by Spiral Heart Splash Star.


For most of the series, Goyan resembles a frog/toad-like figure dressed in dark Chinese like outfits with long white sleeves, red slit eyes, and sandals with socks. He normally poses as if he holds a cane. In his true form revealed when he destroys dark fall is much more fearsome where he has a think long tail pointed ears and a horn on his helmet. He is also very muscular and looks to be wearing a type of armor.


At first, he seems like an old man serving Akudaikan is soft-spoken and his most loyal servant. He will sometimes cover for the other villains and even offer them advice on how to defeat the cures but in a mocking way. His true personality is much more sadistic and bent on the destruction of both earth, and the land of fountains. He created Dark Fall just for this purpose.


At first, he seems like he's just Akudaikaan's most powerful lackey and acts as his underling berating the other villains and at one point even reviving them to beat the cures. After the cures go to Dark Fall to confront Akudaikaan in episode 47, it is revealed that he was the one who has created Akudaikaan and the true villain using Dark Fall to destroy the fountains. After killing Akudaikaan, he revealed his true form but is eventually defeated by Pretty Cure's Spiral Heart Splash Star in the final episode.


Goya means Bitter Melon

Echigo-ya comes from a shops name.



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