Grand Libération (グランリベラシオン Guran Riberashion?) is the fifth group attack shown in the Go! Princess Pretty Cure series. It is first used in episode 49 and it requires the girls to be in their Grand Princess forms and to have the Gold Dress Up Key.


Holding up their staffs towards the floating Dress Up Keys, the Cures state their vows making a gold light appear, where the Gold Dress Up key appears in the place of the other keys. Once again, the Cures raise their staffs to the key and yell out the incantation, making the Gold Dress Up Key becomes a gold light that shoots towards the enemy and goes straight through their chest, purifying the enemy. Cure Flora ends the attack with "Gokigen'you". 



Cure Flora: 強く!
Cure Mermaid: 優しく!
Cure Twinkle: 美しく!
Cure Scarlet: 私達の夢は!
All: 絶望を乗り越える!
All: 開け!夢への扉!
All: プリキュア!グランリベラシオン!
Cure Flora: ごきげんよう!


Cure Flora: Tsuyoku!
Cure Mermaid: Yasashiku!
Cure Twinkle: Utsukushiku!
Cure Scarlet: Watashitachi no yume wa!
All: Zetsubō wo norikoeru!
All: Hirake! Yume e no tobira!
All: Purikyua! Guran Riberashion!
Cure Flora: Gokigen'yō!


Cure Flora: Strong!
Cure Mermaid: Gentle
Cure Twinkle: Beautiful!
Cure Scarlet: Our dreams will!
All: Overcome despair!
All: Open! To the door of dreams!
All: Pretty Cure! Grand Libération!
Cure Flora: Farewell!


  • Unlike the other finishers, this one is hand-drawn as opposed to being done with CGI.



Go! Princess Precure Grand Liberation Final Group Attack

Go! Princess Precure Grand Liberation Final Group Attack

Go! Princess Precure Final Group Attack

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