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Guaiwaru (グアイワル?) is a general from the Byogens and a villain from Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure.



Guaiwaru is a devilish, muscular man who has green colored skin with teal eyes, orange hair, a pair of red horns, thick purple markings under his eyes, and a scorpion-like tail. His attire consists of a dark red coat, orange shirt with a black cross on the front, black pants, silver bracelets, black belt-like choker and brown boots.

After inserting a Mega Part into his body, his hair and tail lengthen and his horns change shape. His make-up also changes. His coat turns dark red and changes in style slightly, with a shorter dark purple coat underneath. He also gains shoulder armor and a silver belt buckle with a red diamond in the middle while his bracelets thicken. On his back is a black split-up cape with wing-like sections at the bottom.

As King Guaiwaru, his hair is even longer and on his head is a bluish-grey where is a gold stole over it and gold crown that has a gold tip and a red stone at bottom. His shirt turns dark blue and his bracelets become gold. He gains a dark blue coat with a gold lining and light grey ruffle at the top, and a gold belt with a red gem in the middle around his coat. He also loses his shoulder armor and the layer that was underneath the coat.


Guaiwaru is a rude devilish man who prefers to resolve problems using violence. He also likes to encourage arguments and fights for his own amusement. He sometimes takes credit from others and brags about himself. However, he can be rather short-sighted when he plans, though this does not prevent him from being cunning and ambitious in order to seize power.


  • Shindoine - Guaiwaru enjoys taunting Shindoine by mocking Shindoine's love for King Byogen, and finds it fun when she throws a tantrum in response.
  • Batetemoda - Guaiwaru had become very fond of Batetemoda, to the point that he even takes him under his wing. However, he soon starts to get annoyed at Batetemoda and views him as untrustworthy.


"Guai" (具合?) is a Japanese term translating to "health", while "warui" (悪い?) translates to "bad", but can also mean "sick".


Guaiwaru attacks for the first time in episode 4, targeting the Light Element and turning it into a Megabyogen. After witnessing the birth of Cure Sparkle, he begins to consider her his archenemy before he retreats.

In episode 10, he competes with Shindoine to prove he is better than her. His Megabyogen, along with the ones Shindoine and Daruizen summoned, are so powerful that the Cures cannot fight back. He spitefully leaves when the Cures eventually purify his Megabyogen in episode 11.

In episode 13, Guaiwaru decides to teach Batetemoda how to fight the Cures by infecting the Lightning Element Spirit that inhabited a drone. He eventually retreats with Batetemoda when his Megabyogen is purified.

In episode 14, Guaiwaru begins trusting Batetemoda more and even gives him his precious snack. Although he has some doubts about Batetemoda, he still decides to brush his suspicions aside and lets Batetemoda infect the Earth.

In episode 20, Guaiwaru approaches Batetemoda and demands him to give him the Megabyogen fragments, knowing that Batetemoda got them after the previous battle. When watching Batetemoda fight the Cures, he learns what Batetemoda's true motivation really was.

In episode 21, Guaiwaru exclaims that he wants to be better than Shindoine, and can't wait to try out his new Megabyogen fragments. He experiments with a fragment, until he realizes that he indirectly powered up Daruizen's Megabyogen instead. He gets irritated when Daruizen collects more Megabyogen fragments than him after the battle ends.

In episode 23, Guaiwaru gets angry at Shindoine for wasting his Mega Part, until Daruizen reminds him that he stole his from Batetemoda. This time, he summons a Megabyogen from a corn field, and when Fontaine and Grace almost defeat it, he decides to use a Mega Part to power it up and successfully capture the two Cures. He then insults dogs by saying they're "lower life forms" and attempts to hurt Pocchito, but Earth prevents him from doing so and scolds him. Despite being defeated, he still successfully harvests numerous Mega Parts before leaving.

In episode 32, Guaiwaru is told by King Byogen to evolve himself with a Mega Part so he can be more powerful than Shindoine. He later turns Mr. Chikara into a Gigabyogen. But he still ends up being defeated, and vows to create stronger Gigabyogens next time.

In episode 35, after getting hit by a volleyball, Guaiwaru gets an idea. He then spends all his time training his tree Megabyogen, but his efforts are wasted as not only is he unable to infect much of the island, but he also gets defeated by the Cures.

In episode 39, he tricks the Cures by having them enter the portal to the Byogen Kingdom and appears before them after they temporarily beat King Byogen. Then in episode 40, he puts more Mega Parts inside of himself to power up. He also reveals that his real motive was to replace King Byogen as the new leader of the Byogens, as well as initiating his attacks on the human world.

In episode 41, the Cures encounter him again after they purify most of the Megabyogens he summoned. Fontaine and Sparkle first fought against, but him, along with the other generals and the Gigabyogen, defeat the Cures again. However, just as he is about to destroy them, Guaiwaru is absorbed by King Byogen, who was merely using him as bait to regain his form.


  • Megabyogen Creation
    • Like King Byogen and the other Byogen generals, Guaiwaru can create a Megabyogen by creating tiny spherical bat-like demons called Nanobyogen, which can possess Element Spirits. He can only create one Nanobyogen at a time, and does so by emitting dark red particles from his armpits. In episode 32, he upgrades himself using a Mega Part, allowing him to create Gigabyogen by possessing humans with the Nanobyogen.
    • Teleportation
      • Like all Byogen generals, Guaiwaru is able to teleport freely between the Byogen Kingdom and Earth.



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