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Guaiwaru (グアイワル?) is a general from the Byogens and a villain from Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure.



Guaiwaru is a devilish man who has green colored skin with orange hair, a pair of red horns, thick purple markings under his eyes, and a scorpion-like tail. His attire consists of a dark red coat, orange shirt with a black cross on the front, black pants and brown boots.


Guaiwaru is a rude devilish man with fearsome brutes and a hot temperament, preferring to resolve problems with violence. He also likes inciting arguments and fights for his own amusement.


  • Shindoine - Guaiwaru enjoys taunting Shindoine by mocking Shindoine's love for King Byogen, and finds it fun when she throws a tantrum in response.


"Guai" (具合?) is a Japanese term translating to "health", while "warui" (悪い?) translates to "bad", but can also mean "sick".


Guaiwaru attacked for the first time in episode 4, targeting the Light Element and turning it into a Megabyogen. After witnessing the birth of Cure Sparkle, he began to consider her his archenemy before he retreated.


  • Guaiwaru can create a Megabyogen by using a tiny spherical bat-like demon summoned from his armpits to possess an Element Spirit.



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