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Gula (グーラ Gūra?), called Gura in Glitter Force Doki Doki, is one of the members of the Selfish generals and deputy of the group. Unlike the other members, he and Leva appear late in the series.


Gula appears as a giant man. He has spiky, grey hair, and has sharp teeth like a shark. He wears a purple shirt under a green jacket with red designs.


Gula is very brutal man that enjoys eating everything he can. He often argues with Ira. He occasionally gets along with Leva, and the two of them work together.


Being Hired

Since the King Jikochuu had seen how Marmo, Ira, and Bel had failed to protect Regina, who was badly hurt by Cure Ace, he hired Gula and Leva to defeat the Cures. This caused Ira, Marmo, and Bel to become angry at them. DDPC23

Attacking The Cures

While Makoto is helping Mana's family with a yard sale, two boys come to get her autograph but are rejected as Makoto is too busy to sign autographs. They became sad and wish that they could get her autograph. Suddenly, Gula appears behind them, saying that it would be better if they got her autograph. Then Leva and Gula summon two Jikochuus out of their Psyches. Makoto, transformed alongside Rikka and Alice fights Leva and Gula. Leva uses his hat as a blade, but the Cures dodge it. Then Gula attempts to eat them. Cure Rosetta uses Rosetta Reflection, but Gula breaks it using his sharp teeth and eats it. The Cures are easily defeated, but suddenly Mana arrives and faces the Jikochuus. Aguri returns the Cure Lovead she had confiscated, allowing Mana to transform along with Aguri, who reveals herself to be Cure Ace. Cure Heart and Ace pair up, and they purify the Jikochuus easily. Feeling disappointed, Leva and Gula leave. DDPC23


After many failures, Leva and Gula assure Bel that they will succeed, as they will take over the Oogai city with their plan. They have built a Selfish tree on the main building, which produced black balls that put people to sleep and corrupt their hearts as time passed, turning them into a Jikochuu. The Cures suddenly transformed to face Leva and Gula, along with the tree. Hope is quickly lost however when the Cures were easily defeated by Leva and Gula, who combined into one, and also shattered the Magical Lovely Pad right in front of them. However, their plan fails after Heart cries out her feelings and regains hope together with her friends again. This causes the the shards of the Magical Lovely Pad to turn into new individual weapons for the Cures. With them, the girls perform Lovely Straight Flush, defeating the Selfish tree.

While the Cures celebrate the win, Leva and Gula face Bel, who uses his power to kill them, taking the remainder of their power. Bel eats his lollipop with joy while watching Leva and Gula disappear.


  • Gula has the same powers as the other members of the Selfish Trio. He can turn people's selfish thoughts into monsters called Jikochuus. He also can pair up with Leva and summon a Jikochuu together with him.
  • Gula can also break through objects with his sharp teeth. He can eat anything, even the shield created by Rosetta Reflection.


  • His name comes from Gula, the Latin/Spanish/Portuguese word for Gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins.




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