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Gureru (グレル Gureru?) is a rowdy raccoon who attends Fairy Academy. In the events of Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2, he is persuaded by his shadow to capture the Cures' transformation devices so he can prove himself a hero. After learning the shadow wanted to destroy Fairy Academy, Gureru regrets his actions and helps the Cures recover their transformation devices. In New Stage 3, he and EnEn are officially Cure Echo's fairy partners.


He appears like a raccoon. His body color is brown and he wears a red cape with yellow diamond badge. He has brown toy sword that he wears on his blue rope. His face is brown too. His eye color is brown with orange eye shadow, and it looks like there's pink blush on his cheek. On his head, there's a dark brown diamond.


Gureru is very naughty. He wants to be a hero. He is lazy and hates all his friends. He hates studying, talking with friends, or something like that. He thinks he is stronger than Pretty Cure. He likes to make other fairies cry or be sad. But, after his adventure with EnEn and meeting Pretty Cure, he becomes kind, friendly, and loves all his friends. He is brave, funny and has a lot of ideas.


New Stage 2

New Stage 3

EnEn and Guereu meet the Megumi and Hime

In Fairy School, Gureru and Enen are writing down what they learn from their teacher on fairy partners. Both of them show the class the miracle lights and what to do when a Pretty Cure is in a pinch. After class, Gureru and EnEn learn from their teacher that new Pretty Cure known as the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure have appeared.

The two set off to see the Doki Doki! Pretty Cure to help them locate the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!.

Spring Carnival

Gureru, along with EnEn, are seen among the students during the trailer of Haru no Carnival


In German, Grell is a nickname for an irritable, irascible person, from Middle High German, Middle Low German grellen ‘to be angry’. This is reflected in Gureru’s rambunctious personality.




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