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The Lost Duo! Hime and Seiji's Great Adventure! (迷子ではぐれたふたり!ひめと誠司の大冒険! Maigo de Hagureta Futari! Hime to Seiji no Daibōken!?) is the 26th episode of the season Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and is also the 512nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


After being left behind at the train station, Hime and Seiji bond when they must work together to get back home.


With little time remaining, the girls get in a bit more training before leaving the resort. They will be taking a train back to Pikarigaoka, but when Hime and Seiji get a drink at the station, Hime stumbles and suddenly, they get several free drinks. They keep trying to leave, but they continue to come- until they finally stop, but by this time the train has just left. Worriedly, Hime realizes that her PreChanMirror was on the train, while Seiji realizes he left his Cure Line. With nothing else to do, they leave in search of a payphone.

Reaching a forest, Hime's ankle starts hurting her and Seiji offers to carry her until she feels better. She is surprised by his kindness and begins to realize how nice he is, going on to question how she feels about him.

Suddenly they are confronted by Hosshiwa and her Saiark and Choiarks. Hime is unable to transform as she remembers not having her PreChanMirror, and Seiji does what he can to keep her safe, beating up the Choiarks. Initially, this works, but as they continue to gang up on them; Cure Lovely, Fortune, and Honey show up with Hime's PreChanMirror, allowing her to change into Cure Princess and join them, cleansing the Saiark with Blue Happy Shoot.

After their victory, they take a train and go home. However, Hime's mind focuses on Seiji and she worries she may have fallen in love with him. But still unsure, she determines it's probably just a crush for now.

Major Events

  • This is the last episode to have Pretty Cure・Memory as the ending theme.
  • Hime's feelings for Seiji appear to grow stronger.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

  • Sagara Seiji
  • Blue
  • Shiina Elena (in a flashback)
  • Furuta Kana (in a flashback)
  • Takano Rei (in a flashback)
  • Ishigami Rin (in a flashback)
  • Kazumi (in a flashback)


  • Cure Beat says the congratulatory message for this episode.
  • This is the third and last part of the three-part training arc.
  • This is the first time Cure Princess has purified a Saiark by herself since episode 4.
  • Seiji was called a knight because he protected Hime just like the Swan Princess.


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