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An Unexpected Partnership!? Cure Honey and Phantom! (まさかの急接近!?キュアハ二ーとファントム! Masaka no Kyū Sekkin!? Kyua Hanī to Fantomu!?) is the 31st episode of the season Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and is also the 517th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Yuko looks after Phantom while he recovers from his injuries.


Glasan and Ribbon grew angry at Hime

The episode starts with Hime looking at the Shining Make Dresser and the others join her, with Megumi incredibly happy because of the others encouraging her during the last battle and how they used Happiness Big Bang. Blue explains that for now, they must each work on awakening their innocent feelings, then announces that for now, because Phantom was not purified by the attack he is recovering in the embassy, as Yuko brought him back to heal him. Hime confesses that she could hardly sleep knowing this, but this irritates Ribbon and Glasan as they were the ones forced to stay up all night by her door to make sure she stayed safe.

Meanwhile, Yuko is preparing some porridge and uses the Nurse PreCards to help Phantom to the full extent

Iona, Megumi and Hime wanting to protect Yuko from the shadow

of her ability. The others are confused by her kindness because he is still their enemy, but she says regardless of this she cannot ignore someone hurt. She goes off to feed Phantom and the others curiously follow after her.

Phantom wakes up to see Yuko, but he expresses frustration seeing how banged up he is now. As Hime watches them she begins to imagine they are hugging each other due to the position they are in, startling her severly. Iona thinks she is overreacting, until she looks to find them, then starts to think they were on the verge of kissing.

In the Phantom Empire, Deep Mirror shows Mirage Phantom's defeat and that the Cures were using the Shining Make Dresser more. Still influenced by Deep Mirror and harboring more rage toward Blue, she assigns Oresky to bring Phantom back from the Cures.

Young Yuko with her dog

Yuko is asked why she insists on helping people so much, and Yuko explains a strong past-relationship she had with someone. It led to her realizing that she enjoyed it, and she liked to make food, because this "someone" was a dog. She took very good care of it since they met, all the way until his death sometime back.

Just then, the others accidentally barge into the room and Iona is enraged with Phantom, wanting revenge for her sisters defeat. But he goes on to say that he can free all of the defeated Cures- only for the girls to hear a Saiark attacking in the distance. Everyone -except Yuko- transforms and leaves to fight. Phantom is shown to still be angry with Blue for hurting Mirage the way he did.

Outside, Oresky appears along with tree Saiark to lure them out and demands they give Phantom back. The girls refuse, saying that his injuries are being treated, but this makes Oresky laugh because he thought they were joking and has the Choiarks attacks. Fortune changes into her Pine Arabian form to purify them.

Phantom could not hurt Yuko

Phantom thanking Yuko for the meal

Phantom attempts to leave, but Blue caught him and says that if Mirage wants him to be killed, it does not matter to him. Phantom tries to attack Blue, but Yuko protects him, which relieved his rage because of how much she helped him.

He then leaves through a mirror back to the Phantom Empire, but not before thanking Yuko for the meal. Yuko transforms into Cure Honey and flies off to help her friends, singing A Happy Rice Love Song to power them up and incapacitate Oresky and the Saiark. They then used Happiness Big Bang to defeat it, leaving a laughing Oresky to swim in the drain.

Excited Yuko

Back at the embassy, Yuko was still very excited about how Phantom thanked her for helping his injuries, which also affects Ribbon as she produces the PreCards. She is hoping that Phantom will keep her generosity in mind.

Major Events

  • Cure Fortune performs Fortune Shaking Star for the first time.


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