Big Bang Defeated! A Strong Foe Appears Unexpectedly! (やぶられたビッグバーン!まさかの強敵登場! Yaburareta Biggu Bān! Masaka no Kyōteki Tōjō!?) is the 37th episode of the season Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and is the 523rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Enjoying their first Halloween as a group, things begin to sour when Seiji fears Megumi is getting too close to Blue and he attempts to get her attention. Meanwhile, Hime is frustrated after noticing this, and Iona is shaken after an encounter with someone precious from her past.


Megumi uses a set of Halloween PreCards to change into a costume. She encourages the others to dress up as well, to join her at the Pikarigaoka Halloween Festival. After arriving they spend some time to pass out Yuko's homemade honey candies.


Oresky, Hosshiwa and Namakelder observing the Cures

Meanwhile, at the Phantom Empire, Namakelder, Hosshiwa, and Oresky gather around a mirror that shows them the goings-on at the festival. Seeing the Cures happy only frustrates them, each with a various reason, and Queen Mirage appears on the balcony nearby. The trio explain to her that they have all been defeated by the Happiness Big Bang and have been left feeling a little happy afterwards. With that, she decides that they are no longer of any use to her, but she still has a final trick up her sleeve. 

The group encourage Blue to join them at the Parade and he eventually agrees. Dressed as a vampire, he attracts a lot of attention from some of Megumi's friends. But as this is going on, Seiji grows concerned as he recalls the bonding he witnessed between Megumi and Blue, back at her birthday party, while he lines up children for the costume parade. He claims to be fine however.


Hime sharing cake with Yuuko

Hime finds herself admiring all of the foods surrounding them, but Megumi suggests she starts by trying the pumpkin cake. As Hime is about to dig in, Megumi stops her and insists she shares it, to make someone else happy. With this in mind, Hime shares it with Yuko and they both each it, with Hime happy to see that what Megumi told her was right.


Seiji sharing cake with Megumi

Megumi then sees the other girls trying to share their cake with Blue, surprising her.  But then Seiji arrives, offering to share some of his cake with her. She agrees and they both eat it, although Seiji is somewhat nervous.

Later, Megumi and Blue watch as Takuma and his friend, Eri ask for some candy. Blue hands them some of the honey candy before mentioning that he feels he is always on the receiving end of happiness. Megumi disagrees, stating that she is happy he is there- with both Hime and Seiji watching from a distance and growing upset by the display. As Blue shared another piece of the pumpkin cake with Megumi, Hime figures Blue was taking her away from Seiji. Seiji, frustrated by this continues to try to act fine.


Yuko gets excited

As the festival continued on, Oresky appeared, wanting to prove his worth. 

Megumi walked up to Yuko and Iona's table, asking for drinks. She admits that she feels nervous around Blue sometimes, and Hime reveals she saw the two of them share cake- flustering Megumi as Yuko hands her some tea. Iona said that this love was more brotherly than romantic, but Hime was still concerned about Seiji, who was talking to Blue at the time. Though Blue hoped Seiji and Megumi would stay happy, Seiji wasn't convinced he meant it as Megumi nervously gives Blue some tea.

Oresky suddenly arrives, denouncing Halloween, and after a brief scuffle with Takuma, captures him, along with Eri and Mao again, to summon a Jack-o-Lantern Saiark. After everyone evacuates, the Cures transform. Before they started to fight, Oresky announced that he had to try his best, which confused the Cures and ask him if they wanted to help out. He then says that there was a new opponent after his "number one" status before he orders the Saiark to attack. The Cures struggled, with the Saiark releasing an infinite number of bats that eventually trapped them before Princess head-butted it.

Oresky kept boasting about him being number one when Lovely asked him why it was so important. He says he would be nothing if he weren't number one, but Lovely changed into her Innocent Form in order to get them to stop the fight and share some pumpkin cake together. Then she uses Lovely Powerful Kiss to trap the Saiark before joining the rest of the Cures in using Happiness Big Bang to purify the Saiark and to attempt to purify Oresky. Bathed in the light of the attack, Oresky realized that he did not have to be number one and that he could be happy with the other Cures. However, a dark beam struck the attack, freeing Oresky and stopping him from being purified.

The Cures were shocked that the attack was defeated, when the attacker cleared the smoke away and appeared before them. Fortune stands completely shocked, as her sister was the one who destroyed the attack.

Major Events

  • Queen Mirage revives Cure Tender as an evil pawn.
  • This is the first time that Happiness Big Bang was defeated. Though it purified the Saiark, it was destroyed before Oresky was purified.
  • This marks the fourth set of previews for the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! movie which aired on October 11th 2014.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Like in episode 29, Oresky almost gets purified again, and also like in that episode, the enemy interrupts the purification process.
  • This is the second episode to celebrate a holiday, following Mother's Day in episode 15.
  • This is the second time that Takuma and Eri were captured by the Phantom Empire and the third time that Mao was.
  • PreCards debuted: Halloween PreCard.


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