Four Singing Voices Resonate! Innocent Purification (響け4人の歌声!イノセントプリフィケーション Hibike Yonin no Utagoe! Inosento Purifikēshon?) is the 38th episode of the season Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and is the 524th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Pretty Cure go against their hardest opponent yet: Cure Tender. She ignores their desparate pleas to stop but they remain persistent.



Mirage turning Maria into Dark Tender

Tender addresses herself as Queen Mirage's loyal servant and tells Oresky that he was useless for losing to weak attacks and orders him to leave, which he does.

As Tender starts to attack, Fortune attempts to reach out to her sister, but Queen Mirage appears and mocks her efforts, saying that she couldn't hear her. Mirage freed Tender and made her her servant because she was the strongest Cure Phantom had captured. She then orders Tender to attack Fortune, and she strikes her.

The other three Cures attempt to fight her, but she easily outmatches them. Fortune urges Tender to snap out of it, but Queen Mirage says that she could not hear a word, no matter how much she tries. She then says that the world is full of cruel and hateful things and orders Tender to finish them off. She fires a dark beam at Fortune, when Blue steps in and sets up a barrier to stop the attack, telling Mirage to stop and that the world is actually full of kindness and love and should be protected. However, his words fall on deaf ears as Mirage mocks him for what he believes in and vows to kill off every Pretty Cure he has awakened. Tender's beam powers up and destroys the barrier, seriously hurting Blue in the process. But deep down, Fortune believes that there was still some kindness left in her sister's heart.


Dark Tender's memory

The Cures change into their Innocent Forms and start fighting Tender again, trying to get her back to their side. Lovely says that thanks to Blue, she has made irreplaceable friends, and she tries to get Queen Mirage to think the same, that Blue still cares for her deeply. She also adds that everyone has someone that they treasure, which causes Tender to react as if something was breaking through. She cries out in confusion as she remembers Mirage's words about how love is an illusion and happiness is fleeting. Now back under Mirage's control, Tender attacks everyone again, this time defeating them all.


Dark Tender remembers how she protected Iona

Tender is about to unleash one final blow on Fortune when Lovely protects her and takes the hit, though she appears fine. This reminds Tender about how she took a blow from Phantom intended for Iona the night she got captured. Her eyes turn back to normal as if she was freed and Fortune orders her to stop hurting her friends, but Mirage brings her back under her control and she summons a sword. She attacks a still shocked Fortune, who tells her that she was stronger and kinder than anyone she knew and that she would not want to hurt anyone. The control wavers again, but Tender attacks, stopping right as she remembers who Iona is. Fortune tells her that she was always protecting her. It looks as if her feelings have reached Tender, that Fortune has succeeded in freeing her.

However, Mirage brings her back under her control, which causes Fortune to cry out to stop it.


The Cures ready to use their new finisher: Innocent Purification

Her conviction causes the Shining Make Dresser to react and she, along with the other Cures, vows to save her sister. They then unlock a new attack: Innocent Purification. Using it, they are finally able to completely break Mirage's control over Tender. Back at the Phantom Empire, Mirage feels the power of the attack and Blue grabs onto her arm, despite her protests to let her go. He tells her that he could never bring himself to hate her, even if he should. He had to leave her because a god treats all his people equally and they should not form special relationships, though he still had his feelings for her. He is about to announce that he loves her when Deep Mirror interrupts and takes Mirage away.

Back in Pikarigaoka, Maria wakes up, surrounded by Iona and her friends. The two tearfully embrace as Maria thanks her for freeing her, with everyone sharing that happiness. Meanwhile, back at the Phantom Empire, a conflicted Queen Mirage asks Deep Mirror what Blue's true feelings really are, as she is slowly starting to become good. Deep Mirror reminds her of how much pain love had caused her in the past and that she would not want to go through it again, and he brings her back under his control.

Major Events

  • The Cures use Innocent Purification for the first time.
  • Cure Tender is freed from Queen Mirage's control thanks to the above attack and Cure Fortune's words.
  • Blue almost frees Queen Mirage from Deep Mirror's control, but it takes her away before he can complete it.
  • It is shown how Queen Mirage turns Maria into Dark Tender.
  • This episode marks the fifth set of previews for the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! movie that aired in Japan on October 11th, 2014, though none of the scenes were new.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


  • Seiji did not appear in this episode.
  • When Blue is protecting Fortune, her LovePreBrace can be briefly seen.
  • In the episode preview, the Cures could be seen using their Innocent attacks, but when the episode aired, the attacks never showed up.


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