For Mirage's Sake! Phantom's Last Battle! (ミラージュのために!ファントム最後の戦い! Mirāju no Tameni! Fantomu Saigo no Tatakai!?) is the 41st episode of the season Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and is the 527th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Queen Mirage prepares to unleash her final attack, trapping almost everyone in the world in mirrors and summoning multiple Saiarks. The Cures get ready to head to the Phantom Empire to confront her, but are stopped by the Saiarks and Choiarks, with Phantom also taking special interest in Cure Honey.


Seiji telling the Megumi not to be reckless

Seiji telling Megumi not to be reckless

The episode begins with Queen Mirage speaking through the mirror around the world, turning everyone into Saiarks. Now it is up to the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure to save the world. While standing in the balcony, Phantom wonders what Queen Mirage's wish was, and Deep Mirror tells him how she wanted to spread misfortune around the world, and that would make her happy. Meanwhile, the Cures watched in horror as they see their friends and relatives trapped in the mirrors as the Saiarks attack. Hime starts to have flashbacks of the Blue Sky Kingdom being invaded, but she has had enough and defiantly pleas to Blue to take them to the Blue Sky Kingdom to confront Queen Mirage once and for all.

Blue sends the Cures to the kingdom where they were met with an army of Saiarks and Choiarks. The Cures transform and fight their way through the armies of Saiarks and Choiarks. They are all surprised that their powers were not weakened by the Phantom Empire's influence like the last time they were there, and it was because of the Shining Make Dresser and how much stronger they have become.

Phantom confronting Honey

Phantom confronting Honey

Honey singing, wanting to save Phantom

Honey singing, wanting to save Phantom

Everybody got separated by fog and Honey was confronted by Phantom. As they battled, they seemed evenly matched at first, with Honey trying to reach out to him. It was then that Phantom explained his motives for capturing the Pretty Cures he defeats, and it's for revenge against anyone who would harm Mirage. He said that he wanted to see Mirage happy again, and if spreading misery around the world was her wish, then he would help her fulfill it. He then overpowers Honey and binds her. Before he imprisons her in a mirror, Blue appears and protects her and Phantom blames Blue for leaving Mirage but he said he wants to see Mirage happy. Phantom managed to destroy the barrier, but Honey reaches out to him and he was almost freed when Deep Mirror brainwashes him and makes him even more angry and powerful. Guided by the sound of Honey's voice, the other Cures arrived.

Lovely, Princess and Fortune following Honey's voice

Lovely, Princess and Fortune following Honey's voice

The Cures shocked (except Cure Honey) when they see Phantom's true form

Everybody shocked (except Cure Honey) when they see Phantom's true form

PhanPhan crying

PhanPhan crying

The Cures switched into their Innocent Forms and Fortune used Emerald Illusion to paralyze Phantom in an attempt to calm his rage before they defeated him with Innocent Purification. As he was purified, Phantom has a vision of Mirage in her human form, wanting to see her smile again as he reverted back into his original form. The Cures switched back to their regular forms as they saw Phantom's true form. Everyone was shocked to find out that he was in fact a fairy mascot called PhanPhan, who is actually Cure Mirage's partner. He explains that he did not know what to do once she started turning evil and that he had to listen to what she wanted. Together the Cures, Blue and the mascots head to where Queen Mirage is waiting. In Mirage's chamber, Deep Mirror tells her that Phantom was defeated and she started to get angry.

Major Events

  • Phantom's true form is revealed. He was the fairy partner of Cure Mirage and his real name is PhanPhan.
  • The Happiness Charge! Cures, along with Blue and the fairies, travel to Blue Sky Kingdom to confront Queen Mirage.
  • Queen Mirage created a ton of Saiarks around the world to cause chaos.


Pretty Cure



Supporting Characters


  • As of this episode, the final battle begins for the Happiness Charge! Cures.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Queen Mirage says the same speech that she did in the beginning of the first episode.
  • In the first scene where Queen Mirage addresses the Earth, it appears to be night everywhere. Technically, in some places, it would actually be morning because of the different time zones.


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