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Decisive Battle in Phantom Empire! Pretty Cure VS the Three Generals!" (幻影帝国の決戦!プリキュアVS三幹部! Iza Gen'ei Teikoku e! Purikyua tai Sankanbu!?) is the 42nd episode of the season Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and is the 528th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Cures have made it to the Phantom Empire. As Lovely locates Queen Mirage, the others remain behind to fight off the Generals.


The Cures entering the palace

As the Cures reach the inner gates of the Phantom Empire they continue into the main room when Choiarks attack. They change into alternate forms to fight them off; with the Oresky Trio observing them waiting for their turns to battle.

Before the foursome can locate Queen Mirage, the trio jump down from the top of the palace. Honey, Princess, and Fortune stay behind and have the mascots, Lovely, and Blue continue on. Princess fights Namakelder, Honey duels with Hosshiwa, and Fortune fights Oresky in their respective environments. The Cures were easily outmatched by them, with each revealing their own desires in an attempt to sway the Cures resolve; Namakelder felt that it was useless putting effort into anything, Hosshiwa only wants to eat sweets for herself and cares nothing for others, while Oresky strives to be number one.

Meanwhile, Queen Mirage learns that Lovely and the others were approaching her.

Princess about to transform into her Innocent Form

The girls continue fighting against the Oresky Trio, trying to convince them that their desires are selfish and in the long-run won't help them. Princess tells Namakelder about the experiences she had with her friends and how they have helped her grow and understand the importance of working hard. Honey tells Hosshiwa that eating with someone else is more fun than eating alone, and Fortune tells Oresky how it would be unfulfilling to be number one because he would be alone and unappreciated. Each Cure changes into her innocent form and purify the trio using their respective attacks: Princess Windy Wink, Honey Tempation, and Emerald Illusion.

As the trio begin to fade away, they have become happy and are at peace with themselves. Namakelder learned about the importance of putting effort into things, Hosshiwa learned about how it was good to be happy with others, and Oresky learned that it was not important to be number one. The Cures watch and feel at ease.

Meanwhile, Lovely, Blue, and the mascots discovered the entrance to Mirage's chamber and they enter it. As she observes them she angrily prepares herself for a fight.

Major Events

  • Cure Princess, Honey and Fortune face off against the Oresky Trio and purifies them.
  • Cure Lovely gets ready to fight Queen Mirage.


Pretty Cure



Supporting Characters


  • The Cures all use their first form changes when fighting the Choiarks.


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