Clashing Emotions! Lovely and Mirage! (ぶつけあう想い!ラブリーとミラージュ! Butsukeau Omoi! Raburī to Mirāju!?) is the 43rd episode of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and is the 529th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Lovely attempts to break through to Queen Mirage after confronting her. But will Mirage be able to snap out of it, or will Lovely lose herself instead?


Mirage vs Lovely

Mirage confronts Lovely

The episode carries on as Queen Mirage gets ready to fight Cure Lovely. She binds Blue with red ribbons and transforms her chamber into a river, presumably of her tears and turns into a different form before dueling with Lovely.

At first, she gains the upper hand as she quickly battles Lovely and says love is pointless.

Lovely tells her that Blue still loves her even though he left her but she refuses to listen and continues to attack Lovely by creating clones of herself.

After beating Lovely, Mirage then traps Lovely near Deep Mirror and watches as Mirage suffers through despair while from his mirror, Deep Mirror who is a young man remarks that he's surprised she's lasted this long but it's the end now.

Lovely hugging Mirage

Lovely hugs Mirage

Lovely manages to break free and shows some emotion about her and Mirage with Lovely revealing that she loves Blue too to the shock of both Mirage and Blue. She switches into her Innocent Form and tells her that she still loves Blue and destroys Deep Mirror's reflection with Mirage hoping that she can fall in love with Blue once again.

Unfortunately, just as Mirage begins back turning to normal, Deep Mirror intervenes and orders to show her more anger and rage towards happiness, telling her to hate and to burn that hateful love to the ground as Mirage screams in pain with tears flowing from her cheeks, Mirage obviously in great distress.

Seconds later, Mirage is engulfed by a fiery wave with Lovely calling out for Mirage.

Eventually, the sheer power of the attack begins consuming the castle and turns it and the surrounding areas into a barren wasteland with nothing but cliffs and flames.

Floating in the air, Mirage now back under Deep Mirror's control once more remarks that her heart hurts because of love and that if she does not fall in love, then she will not be in pain. She also states that if love is destined to be in this world, then she just has to destroy it.

"Hate!", Mirage then yells, Deep Mirror's voice also repeating the same sentence, confirming that it has taken control of her once again.

Now driven by nothing but rage, Mirage battles Lovely once again, the battle more intense than before.

Mirage cries

Purified Mirage crying

Before she defeats Lovely, the others arrive in time and defeat Mirage with Innocent Purification by hugging her with the resulting energy finally returning Mirage to normal while also breaking her free from Deep Mirror's control for good.

The skies become clear and every trace of evil influence disappears as the Blue Sky Kingdom is restored and everyone is freed from their mirrors.

Blue hugs Mirage and finally tells her that he loves her and that he's loved her ever since they met three hundred years ago with Mirage crying, the tears finally bringing her back to her original form.

From a distance, the Cures look on although Lovely is silently heartbroken over the fact that Blue and Mirage are finally together with Lovely also crying.

Meanwhile, Deep Mirror learns of what has happened and plans to show Blue misfortune before it's revealed that Red's next target is Lovely herself.

Major Events

  • Queen Mirage and Cure Lovely face off.
  • The Cures perform a new version of Innocent Purification.
  • The Blue Sky Kingdom has been saved and everyone around the world is freed.
  • It was revealed that Deep Mirror's true identity is Red.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • More International Pretty Cures make their debut and are also freed from their mirrors.
  • One unnamed international cure in the background with the other cures one Cure has the same civilian hairstyle as Momozono Love.


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