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The Enemy is God!? A Shocking Christmas! (敵は神様!?衝撃のクリスマス! Teki wa Kami-sama!? Shōgeki no Kurisumasu!?) is the 45th episode of the season Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and is the 531st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Cures lend Yuko and her family a hand at their shop as Christmas approaches. Later they go shopping, unaware that Seiji has gone missing.


The episode starts with Hime in the embassy making a scarf, when Megumi and Iona enter and they explain about the person who spoke to Megumi during the previous battle and they thought that the Phantom Empire was no more and they did not know this person's identity. Wanting to put that behind them briefly, Hime suggests that they should celebrate Christmas Eve and Blue agrees that they should go out, so they all go to help Yuko at her store.

At the shop, Yuko and the others changed into Christmas-themed outfits with the PreCards and they, along with Seiji, sold all 300 fried chicken meals to the customers.

During the break, they had a gift exchange and they each got scarves as their gifts, with Megumi receiving mittens with hers. Seiji also received a scarf. Later that night, the group explored the city and went shopping, buying accessories for the mascots. Megumi and Seiji then speak in private and he gives Megumi a ladybug pin to put on her scarf. Suddenly, a Santa Claus Saiark starts to attack and she leaves to fight it. 

Meanwhile, Red appeared before Seiji and gives him a red crystal, like the one that was put in Megumi, and Seiji disappears, leaving his scarf behind.

The Cures transform and battle the Saiark, but were struggling at first before changing into their Innocent Forms and using Innocent Purification to defeat it. As the group celebrate their victory and were about to continue shopping, Mirage senses an evil presence and Red appears before them. Everyone, except for Lovely, was shocked to see him, but they were even more shocked when he brought forth his new weapon, the manipulated Seiji.

Major Events

  • Seiji is brainwashed by Red to become his new tool.
  • The Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! team (except Cure Lovely) meet Red for the first time.


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