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I Want To Be Cute! The Birth of Cure Sparkle (カワイイ!なりたい!キュアスパークル誕生 Kawaī! Naritai! Kyua Supākuru Tanjō?) is the 4th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 786th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hinata and Nyatoran get along as soon as they come across each other! After seeing Nodoka and Chiyu transform into Pretty Cure, Hinata is very surprised...


The episode starts with Chiyu talking to Nodoka's parents before Nodoka runs into the room to take Chiyu to the sick Latte. Chiyu suggests they visit the Hiramitsu Animal Clinic. Meanwhile, Hinata realizes she forgot her wallet but decides to make a mad dash to Yume Port anyway. At the same time, Nyatoran notices Hinata drop her lip gloss and runs after her, only to trip and be caught by Hinata. Hinata thanks Nyatoran for fetching her lip gloss and starts cuddling the cat when Nyatoran angrily snaps at her, surprising her.

Shindoine is chatting to King Byogen who tells her to focus on infecting the Earth. Guaiwaru appears and decides it's his turn to face the Pretty Cure. At Hiramitsu Animal Clinic, Youta injects Latte with a vaccine to help her feel better. After a brief conversation, Hinata bursts into the room with Nyatoran but Chiyu and Nodoka quickly rush Hinata outside before their secret is exposed.

After talking to Mei, Nyatoran introduces himself to Hinata while telling a white lie. Hinata then admits she wanted her brother's advice about how to make sure Nyatoran doesn't get any unwanted publicity but is quickly reminded by Nodoka and Chiyu about her shopping trip. Hinata panics and they make they're way to Yume Port only to not find them. Nodoka, Chiyu and Nyatoran tell Hinata they'll help find her friends. As Mina and Rina look at some clothes, Guaiwaru appears and creates his Megabyogen by infecting a mirror, which the Light Element Spirit resided.

Latte suddenly becomes ill, so Nyatoran distracts Hinata while Nodoka and Chiyu check up on the sick puppy. Hinata bumps into Mina and Rina and learns that Nodoka and Chiyu haven't evacuated the mall, so she runs off in search of them. However, she ultimately runs into the Megabyogen and witnesses Nodoka and Chiyu transform into the Pretty Cure. After watching the pair fight the Megabyogen for a few seconds, Hinata starts to fangirl, surprising the Cures and the enemy.

Guaiwaru snaps out of his shock and orders the Megabyogen to attack the Cures, who get trapped in its scarf. Hinata lashes out at the Megabyogen but is blown into a nearby store, where Nyatoran asks her to become his partner. Hinata accepts and a Healing Stick appears before the pair, allowing Hinata to become Cure Sparkle.

Sparkle admires her new appearance but quickly dodges the Megabyogen. Grace and Fontaine manage to break free and join Sparkle. But Sparkle goes off her own to try and defeat the Megabyogen but stops in her tracks when Nyatoran says she has to purify it, which she doesn't know how to do. Grace and Fontaine cover for her so Nyatoran can teach her how to scan the Megabyogen to find the Element Spirit. Once that is done, Sparkle finally purifies the Megabyogen with Healing Flash.

After Sparkle celebrates her first win, Rabirin reminds the girls they need to heal Latte. Nodoka checks up on the Light Element Spirit who gives Hinata the Light Element Bottle to help Latte recover. Nyatoran then asks Hinata if she will keep being a Pretty Cure, to which Hinata says she will, putting a smile on Nodoka's face. Soon after, Hinata apologizes to Mina and Rina for everything and decides to offer them juice as an apology gift. As she walks off with them, Nodoka and Chiyu remember they forgot to tell Hinata to keep being a Pretty Cure a secret, so they run after her before she says anything that'll expose them.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • Hinata meets Nyatoran and transforms into Cure Sparkle for the first time. She also performs Healing Flash for the first time.
  • Guaiwaru attacks the Cures for the first time.


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ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第4話予告 「カワイイ!なりたい!キュアスパークル誕生」

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