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Awkward Day At The Aquarium! We're All So Different (気まずい水族館!チグハグなわたしたち Kimazui Suizokukan! Chiguhagu na Watashitachi?) is the 5th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 787th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nodoka takes Chiyu and Hinata, who aren't getting along, to the aquarium so they can become better friends. But when they get there, they lose sight of Pegitan...


At school, Hinata is chatting to her friends when she almost exposes her secret. Luckily Chiyu interrupted them just in time. Chiyu then drags Hinata out of the classroom and scolds her. Nodoka plays peace maker to which Chiyu decides they'll go over the details after school. At Hinata's house, the trio learn about Teatinu and the Byogen's motivation. Hinata has a tough time processing everything and gets nervous whenever Chiyu spoke to her.

In the Byogen Kingdom, Shindoine is expressing herself in a way to please King Byogen which annoys Daruizen. Shindoine then decides she'll try to infect Earth this time. During class, Hinata is having a tough time concentrating when she sees Nyatoran laying in a tree, so she starts to wave at him. Nodoka quickly tells Hinata she has to answer a question, with the latter not knowing the answer anyway. Disappointed, the teacher calls on Chiyu who gets the answer correct. Right after, Hinata nervously peeks over her shoulder at Chiyu but quickly looks away when Chiyu looks at her.

After school, Chiyu gives Hinata some advice with the latter acting very stiff towards her. Chiyu picks up on it but has to go to her club, so she leaves. Nodoka suggests she and Hinata walk home together where Hinata admits she thinks Chiyu is mad at her. Nodoka doesn't think that's the case but Hinata asks Nodoka for help anyway. At home, Nodoka is wondering what to do when Chiyu shows up. Chiyu wonders if she comes off scary and Rabirin tells Chiyu what Hinata really thinks, upsetting Chiyu even more. Later that night, Nodoka asks her mother for advice, who gives her tickets to an aquarium, saying it'll help the pair grow closer if they spend some time with each other.

At the aquarium, Hinata wants to see the dolphin show but politely lets Chiyu decide what to do instead, with Chiyu wanting to see the dolphin show anyway. After enjoying the dolphin show, the duo look at some jellyfish when Hinata accidentally says a silly pun which makes Chiyu laugh hysterically. But a few minutes later, Nyatoran and Rabirin discover Pegitan is missing. And it turns out Pegitan is on the run in the aquarium.

The girls start frantically searching for the penguin but as they do so, Shindoine creates a Megabyogen which makes Latte fall sick. Hinata and Chiyu argue over what to do but Nodoka again acts like the peace maker. Hinata takes Chiyu by the hand so they can find Pegitan and they do only to find that Shindoine was holding him. This results in a cat-fight but the Megabyogen knocks the penguin out of Shindoine's hand, where Pegitan rebounds off Nodoka's head and into Chiyu hands. After a quick reunion, the trio transform.

Shindoine insults the Cures, confusing Sparkle but after kicking the Megabyogen, Fontaine explains what Shindoine said. Sparkle is offended but joins Grace and Fontaine in defeating the monster. Fontaine purifies the Megabyogen and Shindoine leaves, insulting the Cures some more.

After checking up on the Bubbles Element Spirit, Chiyu expresses how worried she was about Hinata. Nodoka only smiles and tells the pair she wants to be their friend for as long as possible. Hinata and Chiyu agree as the Healing Animals join them.


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Secondary Characters

Major Events

  • The Cures transform as a group for the first time.


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ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第5話予告 「気まずい水族館!チグハグなわたしたち」

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