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Big News!? Nodoka's Secret (大スクープ!?のどかの秘密 Dai Sukūpu!? Nodoka no Himitsu?) is the 7th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 789th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


A male student is following Nodoka around at school as he suspects Nodoka has something to do with the most recent monster attacks. So Michio keeps nagging her, to which she struggles to keep her Pretty Cure identity a secret.


The girls are on their way to class when Nodoka feels like they're being followed. Meanwhile, Daruizen and Shindoine have a conversation about their failures, with Guaiwaru refusing to accept that he hasn't had a great run either.

Back at Sukoyaka Middle School, the girls commence their plan to lure their stalker into a trap. It works and it turns out they were being followed by Masuko Michio, a member of the newspaper club. It's revealed he has been following the girls because he is certain Nodoka is the one behind the recent monster attacks.

At Nodoka's house, the girls try to figure out what to do but exposing their secret can't happen for a reason even the Healing Animals don't know. So the girls decide to avoid being seen together with Chiyu and Hinata doing everything they can to stop Michio from questioning Nodoka.

While walking through the forest, Nodoka notices a white box tailing her, so she runs off but trips. Michio helps Nodoka get back on her feet and apologizes for his actions and explains why he tries so hard to get good stories for the school's newspaper. At home, Nodoka watches it rain and hopes to see what a spider web looks like when it stops raining.

After the rain stops, Michio comes across a spider web and remembers Nodoka's words. However, Guaiwaru appears nearby and turns the Rain Element Spirit into a Megabyogen. As Nodoka finally sees Chiyu and Hinata again, Latte falls sick so they quickly make their way to the Megabyogen's location. There, Michio tries to interview the Megabyogen but is knocked backwards, losing his glasses and camera in the process.

The girls quickly transform and after a bad start, the Cures find their footing and manage to defeat the Megabyogen rather quickly. Guaiwaru disappears and Michio manages to find his glasses, only to realize he missed his chance at interviewing the monster. Meanwhile, Nodoka makes sure the Rain Element Spirit is okay before seeing the spider web glistening underneath the sun. Michio approaches the girls and apologizes. He tells them he'll write a story on the Pretty Cure but that he has also realized Nodoka's secret is how close she is with Chiyu and Hinata. As he walks off, Nyatoran tells the girls to be extra careful to which the girls agree.


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ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第7話予告 「大スクープ!?のどかの秘密」

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