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Chiyu Can't Jump!? Trouble At The Athletics Tournament! (とべないちゆ!?陸上大会 大ピンチ! Tobenai Chiyu!? Rikujō Taikai Dai Pinchi!?) is the 8th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 790th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Spring Athletics Tournament is coming up and everything is looking great until Chiyu suddenly falls into a slump. Smiling at Nodoka and Pegitan, Chiyu keeps practising, but...


Chiyu wakes up early in the morning to go for her morning jog. As she passes by Nodoka's house, Nodoka and Rabirin are seen stretching. Nodoka catches a glimpse of Chiyu and decides it is time to start jogging. Meanwhile at Byogen Kingdom, Shindoine is throwing darts while the boys judge her. Annoyed, she throws one last dart that lands on the section that says King Byogen does not love her, which causes her to scream in frustration. Done with Shindoine's antics, Daruizen walks off.

At Sukoyaka Middle School, Nodoka and Hinata are watching Chiyu practise for the athletics tournament when Hinata's stomach grumbles. Ignoring her stomach, Hinata watches Chiyu successfully jump over the pole as Michio approaches them. He shows them a photo he took of a girl from another school beating Chiyu's record, worrying Nodoka and Hinata. To make matters worse, Chiyu quietly approaches her friends and asks what they're looking at, which scares Hinata and causes her to push Michio against the fence. Nodoka and Hinata try to avoid telling Chiyu the truth but Hinata blurts it out by accident.

After taking a look at Michio's photos, Chiyu doesn't seem too fazed and gets up to practice once more. However, as she jumps over the pole, her foot touches it, which knocks it over. Surprised, Chiyu assumes she misjudged when she should have jumped. Later that night, Pegitan helps Chiyu clean a bath and tries to cheer her up.

The next morning, Chiyu is joined by Nodoka and Hinata on her morning jog. They jog to the beach, where Chiyu explains how she got into high jump. Hinata then notices they're late for school causing the trio to panic. After numerous failed attempts, Pegitan tries to convince Chiyu to take a break, but she refuses. Worried, Pegitan does some research and discovers Chiyu might have yips.

Pegitan quickly finds Rabirin and Latte to ask where Nodoka is. After finding out Nodoka and Hinata went shopping, Pegitan assumes they don't care about Chiyu as he heads to Hinata's house to lecture them. Only to find that the girls and Nyatoran are making a banner to cheer on Chiyu at the tournament. Pegitan bursts into tears but then notices Nyatoran made an error on the banner, causing the girls and Nyatoran to panic.

It's finally the day of the tournament and Pegitan is nervous for Chiyu. As Chiyu stretches, she hears Nodoka and Hinata, so she turns to see their banner, as well as Pegitan accidentally popping up to say he's supporting her. Chiyu quietly thanks them but Daruizen appears to turn the Ice Element Spirit into a Megabyogen. The crowd evacuates the area in terror as Chiyu grows frustrated. She runs over to her friends, where they transform and fight the monster. However, it encases itself in ice, making it hard to fight. So Fontaine comes with a plan that successfully allows her to purify it in the end.

After the Ice Element Spirit gives Chiyu the Ice Element Bottle to heal Latte, Nodoka and Hinata notice that the tournament is most likely cancelled. However, Chiyu decides to jump over the pole anyway, and successfuly does so. Chiyu is surprised at first but gives Nodoka and Hinata a thumbs up, which causes them to jump on her. As her friends hug her, Chiyu stares at the sky, knowing she is one step closer to achieving her dream.

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ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第8話予告 「とべないちゆ!?陸上大会 大ピンチ!」

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