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Hinata's Cute Plan! (ひなたのカワイイ大作戦! Hinata no Kawaī Daisakusen!?) is the 9th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 791st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hinata takes the others to an event where you can take photos of the outfits you wear! This should be a fun day to make some cute memories but then a Byogen appears!?

Major Events

  • Hinata tries to fight Shindoine by herself, but almost loses.


Hinata shows her friends numerous videos she took of her and Nyatoran. But as they judge her for the final video, Hinata notices that Nodoka only has photos of herself as a toddler. So she decides to take the girls to Yume Port to participate in the Angel Photo Event. Meanwhile Shindoine is trying on new accessories to see which one would make King Byogen swoon. She has a go at Guaiwaru when he judges her, but in the end, she just pouts.

Back at Yume Port, Hinata is helping the girls pick accessories while the Healing Animals join in the fun without anyone noticing them. However, when they try to pick out some dresses, Nodoka becomes dizzy after getting squished by the crowd. Outside, Chiyu fans Nodoka as Hinata gives her some water and apologizes. As Nodoka tells Hinata she wants to go back, Latte sees another dog and runs off. Hinata decides to chase after the pup, but as she finally finds her, Latte sneezes due to Shindoine creating a Megabyogen.

Hinata finds Shindoine and transforms, despite Nyatoran telling her to wait for the others. Sparkle tries her best to fight the Megabyogen on her own, but thanks to Shindoine taunting her, she loses confidence in herself and almost loses. Thankfully Nodoka and Chiyu show up to save Sparkle. Grace takes Sparkle by the hand and tells her how much fun she was having at the event and admits how much she loves Sparkle. Sparkle blushes but it helped cheer her up so after coming up with a plan, the girls start fighting the Megabyogen together. Fontaine uses a new attack to freeze the Megabyogen in place, giving Sparkle the chance to purify it.

After Shindoine leaves and the Jewelry Element Spirit thanks the girls, Sparkle suggests they enter the contest in their Cure forms. However, Rabirin refuses. A few minutes later, Hinata admits she actually found some dresses for them to wear, which they end up wearing in their photo shoot. As Chiyu grimaces over her bad smile, Nodoka thanks Hinata for inviting them to the event. As Chiyu teases the embarrassed Hinata, Nodoka hugs them. The episode ends with the trio smiling happily with Latte and the Healing Animals.


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第9話予告 「ひなたのカワイイ大作戦!」

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