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Emergency Treatment! There's Multiple Megabyogen!? (緊急お手当!メガビョーゲンがいっぱい!? Kinkyū Oteate! Megabyōgen ga Ippai!??) is the 10th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 792nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nodoka and the others go on a field trip to visit a museum. Meanwhile, Guaiwaru, Daruizen, and Shindoine decide to attack at the same time!?

Major Events

  • Daruizen, Shindoine, and Guaiwaru create a Megbyogen at the same time, despite not willing to work together.


While waiting for Hinata to arrive, Nodoka tries to help an old lady find her beloved charm but ends up getting so focused that she almost endangers herself. Hinata shows up and manages to find the charm very quickly before their teacher tells them to hurry up. Meanwhile, Shindoine and Guaiwaru bicker amongst each other as Daruizen walks off to create some Megabyogens. The bickering duo then decide to compete to see who can create the strongest Megabyogen.

Nodoka enjoys herself on the train while Chiyu asks Hinata how she found the charm so easily. Back at Nodoka's house, the Healing Animals decide to go to the museum so they can help the Cures transform if anything bad happens. At the museum, the girls are looking at the art pieces when the artist, Sumiko explains how her artwork came to be.

As the girls spot the Healing Animals on their way to see more of the museum, Guaiwaru strolls pass them to create a Megabyogen. The visitors quickly evacuate while Latte becomes sick, alerting the girls and fairies to the Megabyogen's presence. They quickly find Guaiwaru and transform.

As they engage in the fight, Grace notices Sumiko and promises she'll protect her artwork. However, Latte continues to get sicker, to which the Cures realize there are two other Megabyogens. Fontaine and Sparkle leave the museum to fight them but the Cures quickly find that fighting the Megabyogens on their own was not an easy task as the monsters got stronger the longer they existed.

Grace starts to panic and frantically fights back, but in her desperation to save a statue, she ends up helping the Megabyogen. As she is flown back towards the statue, Sparkle and Fontaine arrive to help her. Reunited as a team, they work together to get the Megabyogen out of the museum and purify it. Guaiwaru leaves in a fit of rage while Sparkle checks up on the Light Element Spirit, who gives Sparkle a boost of power as a way to thank them.

As the Cures quickly head over to the second Megabyogen, Grace reflects on her actions and becomes determined to defeat the remaining Megabyogens.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • This is the first episode where multiple Megabyogen were summoned.


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第10話予告 「緊急お手当て!メガビョーゲンがいっぱい!?」

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