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Our Powers Become One! Miracle Healing! (力を一つに!ミラクルヒーリング! Chikara wo Hitotsu ni! Mirakuru Hīringu!?) is the 11th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 793rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Of the three Megabyogens that appeared at the same time, only two were purified. And the last one remaining was becoming stronger unlike any that came before it....

Major Events


The Cures find Shindoine's Megabyogen and discover that it is a lot stronger than the past Megabyogens they fought. However, they work together to defeat it quickly, disappointing Shindoine. As Grace checks up on Latte, Fontaine is given a power boost by the Water Element Spirit. At the same time, Teatinu prays that the Cures can defeat the final Megabyogen.

The Cures finally come across Daruizen's Megabyogen who wonders if the Cures are powerful enough to defeat it. The Cures try their best to fight the Megabyogen but while being chased by exploding dandelions, Grace realizes Latte is going to get hurt, so she and the others soar over to the sick pup. As they protect Latte, the exploding dandelions send them flying into a nearby forest.

Suddenly, the Megabyogen spits out a seedling that creeps away from the scene. In the forest, Nodoka wakes up to be told by Rabirin that infected areas won't be able to recover. This has Chiyu and Hinata question everything but Nodoka calmly convinces them that everything will be okay. Realizing they don't know their way out of the forest, they try to ask Latte for help but the pup was too sick to respond. Hinata screams in desperation which summons several Element Spirits. After being told by the Tree Element Spirit to save the Flower Element Spirit, the girls proceed to follow the Element Spirits to the exit.

Daruizen is amused to see the girls again who transform and start to come up with a strategy to defeat the Megabyogen. However, they are quickly defeated. Daruizen dares the girls to check the Flower Element Spirit, to which Grace does to see that it has given up. The Healing Animals and Cures beg the Flower Element Spirit to keep fighting, which raises its spirits enough to give the Cures a boost of power. At the same time, Daruizen is certain the Cures have lost but is surprised when three gold tunnels of light shoot up into the sky.

The Cures are granted a new bottle, which they use to perform Healing Oasis. Interested in the Cures growth, Daruizen leaves as the Flower Element Spirit thanks the girls. After Latte is healed with the Miracle Healing Bottle, the girls walk back to the museum, where they come across their worried teacher.

Up in the Healing Garden, Teatinu remarks how happy she is that the girls have gotten stronger. However, back on Earth, a nutoria walks back on shore when the seedling from earlier forcibly enters the nutoria's body.


Pretty Cures



Secondary Characters


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第11話予告 「力を一つに!ミラクルヒーリング!」

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