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Unspoken Understanding! The Great Teamwork Plan (以心伝心!チームワーク大作戦 Ishin Denshin! Chīmu Wāku Daisakusen?) is the 12th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 794th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Rabirin comes up with an idea for Nodoka and the others to undergo special training to strengthen their teamwork. As the training doesn't go as planned, a new Byogen appears...

Major Events

  • Batetemoda attacks the Cures for the first time.


The girls gather in Nodoka's room for an emergency meeting hosted by the Healing Animals. There, the animals reveal they will be attending a boot camp known as "Pretty Cure Team Building". This excites Nodoka as she has never been to a boot camp before. Meanwhile, King Byogen introduces Batetemoda to the Byogen generals. Batetemoda compliments his new teammates, much to their dismay, before leaving to fight the Cures for the first time.

Back on Earth, the girls have arrived at an empty construction site, despite the girls imagining a completely different scenery for their training. The animals explain that the theme of the boot camp is "Unspoken Understanding", which will teach the girls a way to communicate through a form of telepathy. Rabirin and Nyatoran demonstrate how to go about "Unspoken Understanding" but in their final attempt, they end up running into each other. Pegitan then quickly decides that the girls should play a game of charades but that doesn't go too well either. While the girls fail to perform the animals' tasks, Batetemoda finally appears on Earth.

As the girls take a break, the Healing Animals gather in the Healing Room Bag, where Rabirin expresses her concern about the girls, wishing they didn't have to be involved. After cheering each other up, the animals come out to find the girls smiling and laughing. But before the animals could say anything, Batetemoda summons a Megabyogen, making Latte sneeze. The girls find the Megabyogen and transform, but as they try fighting it, Batetemoda appears and stops them in their tracks.

At first the Cures are confused, but Batetemoda happily introduces himself before proceeding to fight the Cures himself. At first, he gains the upper hand and hurts the Cures, but as he goes on about not wanting to lose, the Cures get back up and manage to send him flying. As the Cures stay on high alert after purifying the Megabyogen with Healing Oasis, Batetemoda appears laughing. He lets them know there could be more generals like him out there before leaving, horrifying the Cures.

A few minutes later, the Healing Animals, Nodoka and Chiyu check up on the Jewelry Element Spirit and are confident they can defeat any Megabyogen they come across. However, Hinata stands by herself thinking about how strong Batetemoda was.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The introduction scene at the beginning now has Chiyu and Hinata along with Nodoka.
  • Batetemoda is added to the opening.
  • This was the last new episode to air before the series went on its first hiatus ever due to COVID-19. Reruns of Healin’ Good’s episodes starting from the beginning would air in the timeslot during the hiatus rather than new episodes.


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第12話予告 「以心伝心!?チームワーク大作戦」

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