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Quitting? Not Quitting? The Wavering Hinata! (辞める?辞めない?迷えるひなた! Yameru? Yamenai? Mayoeru Hinata!?) is the 13th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 795th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Hinata is feeling uncertain about continuing as a Pretty Cure after fighting Batetemoda, when suddenly, an invisible Megabyogen appears!?

Major Events


The episode opens with Teruhiko performing a check up on Latte. He tells Nodoka and Chiyu that she's fine, and just needs some company, as he chucks a pun in his sentence, making Chiyu laugh. Thrilled, he tells Hinata his pun finally worked, who praises him. Mei then walks in, saying she's about to open the cafe. After she leaves, Hinata wonders if she should quit being a Cure, shocking Nodoka, Chiyu and Latte, leaving Teruhiko very confused.

At the Byogen Kingdom, King Byogen questions Batetemoda before talking directly to the generals. Afterwards, Shindoine confronts Batetemoda about sucking up to King Byogen but Guaiwaru takes Batetemoda to the side to take him on a trip to Sukoyaka to teach him more things.

In Hinata's bedroom, Hinata explains herself but after being told her drink tastes different compared to Mei's version, Hinata gets upset. She then explains that she feels talentless compared to her older siblings, but as Nyatoran and the others try to cheer her up, Latte sneezes, and the Healing Animals hair stand up thanks to Guaiwaru creating a Megabyogen. Embarrassed about his birth mark, Nyatoran hides under a blanket.

After asking Latte where the Megabyogen is, the girls set out to find it but have a hard time finding it. But they notice that there is a lot of electric static going around the town. After taking a closer look at Nyatoran's forehead, they notice that it's the Megabyogen causing the static. Shortly afterwards, a little girl informs Hinata that Mei is stuck in the van.

In the van, Mei tries opening the door, but is shocked by the static. Realizing Hinata is approaching, she tells her to stay back and get their father or brother if the static doesn't disappear. Noticing the look on Hinata's face, Nodoka takes her to the side and tells Hinata to keep being a Cure and that her juice was really good. Chiyu and Nyatoran join Nodoka which cheers Hinata up.

Rabirin and Pegitan then find an infected drone, so Hinata quickly finds that social media is talking about UFO sightings. The Cures quickly transform and find Batetemoda and Guaiwaru sitting on top of the Megabyogen. The girls quickly start fighting the Megabyogen but struggle since it had gotten very strong. But after Sparkle gains some confidence, the girls manage to work together to defeat it, saving the Lightning Element Spirit in the process.

After the battle, everything goes back to normal and the Lightning Element Spirit gives Hinata the Lightning Element Bottle. The girls then visit Mei again where Hinata thanks her friends and Mei makes them all some drinks.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • This episode was originally supposed to air on April 26th but was postponed because of the show's production going on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In its place, a rerun of episode 1 aired. After a 10 week break during which the previous episodes were rerun, the episode finally aired on June 28th.


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第13話予告 「辞める?辞めない?迷えるひなた!」

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