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Energy Source! Sukoyaka Festival! (元気発見!すこやかフェスティバル! Genki Hakken! Sukoyaka Fesutibaru!?) is the 14th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 796th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Ever since Nodoka came to live in Sukoyaka City, she has felt really healthy. Along with Chiyu and Hinata, they attend the city's festival where they discover the secret behind Sukoyaka City's energy.

Major Events

  • The Wind Element Spirit reveals that there was a past Pretty Cure.


Nodoka pays a visit to the doctor where she finds out that she is really healthy. While walking home with her family, she notices a festival nearby and decides to check it out. Meanwhile, Guaiwaru lets Batetemoda eat his favourite snack, while saying he trusts him. But Batetemoda doesn't actually care about Guaiwaru, and just wants to use him.

Back at the festival, Nodoka bumps into Hinata and tries Hinata's pancake, which she enjoys. When Mei appears to take over at the store, Hinata is allowed to hang out with Nodoka, and Chiyu when they bump into her. Hinata introduces Nodoka and the Healing Animals to the Sukoyaka Sweet Buns that they later eat at a footbath.

While eating, Nodoka tells her friends that she has made a full recovery but isn't quite sure why. After the girls make a few guesses about the reason, they go and enjoy the festival some more. While the girls help fix the machine that makes the Sukoyaka Sweet Buns, the Healing Animals come across a flyer advertising a Loud Voice Contest where the winner gets 100 sweet buns.

After Batetemoda infects the Wind Element Spirit he found in an electric fan, Latte falls ill, alerting the girls to the Megabyogen's presence. The girls transform but are blown into a nearby forest where they struggle for a little while. But after Sparkle uses her new attack, the Cures purify the Megabyogen.

The girls chat to the Wind Element Spirit, who tells them that there used to be a Pretty Cure who fought the Byogens a long time ago. As the girls digest this new information, the Healing Animals show the girls the flyer they found. The girls take part in the Loud Voice Contest, with Nodoka being the winner, so the Healing Animals get to enjoy their 100 Sukoyaka Sweets Buns.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Healing Animals' size was inconsistent in several scenes of this episode.
    • When Nodoka was eating at Hinata's family's stall, Rabirin was drawn tinier than usual.
    • In the scene when the girls were having a footbath, Latte was drawn larger than normal.
  • Mei's hair was lighter than usual.


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ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第14話予告 「 元気発見!すこやかフェスティバル!」

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