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Our First Fight... Nodoka and Rabirin Go Their Separate Ways (初めてのケンカ...すれ違うのどかとラビリン Hajimete no Kenka... Surechigau Nodoka to Rabirin?) is the 15th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 797th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


It is love at first sight for Rabirin when she sees a popular character. When Nodoka buys Rabirin the plushie, Rabirin suddenly says she doesn't want it...

Major Events


Nodoka realizes she forgot her recorder but luckily Rabirin noticed and visited the school to give it to her. When the Healing Animals walk back home, they come across a shop showcasing an ugly lavender daruma, that has Rabirin falling head over heels for it. In the Byogen Kingdom, Batetemoda is trying to get Daruizen on his good side, only for Daruizen to ignore him.

When Nodoka is asleep, Rabirin takes a flyer out from a box she hid under the bed when Nodoka catches her. Rabirin screams in terror which alerts Nodoka's parents. After Nodoka manages to convince them that she's okay, Nodoka finds out about Rabirin's love for the lavender daruma and promises to buy it for her.

At the shop, Nodoka undergoes Mikio's 6 trials to collect the stamps. After she gets all 6 stamps, Mikio gives Nodoka the daruma. While walking home, Nodoka and Rabirin admire the daruma when they bump into Hinata and Nyatoran. Embarrassed, Rabirin tries to hide the daruma but Nodoka shows it off to Hinata. Nyatoran realizes it's the ugly daruma and teases Rabirin for liking it. Really embarrassed, Rabirin throws the daruma to the ground, saying that she actually hates it. Nodoka gets upset and questions Rabirin, who only yells back at her and runs off.

When Nodoka gets home, she turns the light on to see Rabirin just sitting in front of the Healing Room Bag. Rabirin quickly enters the bag. The next day, Chiyu and Hinata try to cheer Nodoka up, while Nyatoran apologizes to Rabirin. However, Latte gets sick so Nyatoran and Pegitan grab the girls while Rabirin stays with Latte.

Unlike past transformations, Nodoka and Rabirin are unable to transform but after Latte forces the duo to apologize to each other, they manage to transform and join Fontaine and Sparkle. Grace discovers that the Leaf Element Spirit was the targeted Element Spirit, and the Cures quickly purify the Megabyogen with Healing Oasis.

After Daruizen leaves, the Leaf Element Spirit grants the girls with the Leaf Element Bottle that Nodoka uses to heal Latte. Later that day, Nodoka gets another lavender daruma and she wonders with Rabirin if they can ever avoid arguments in the future.


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Secondary Characters


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第15話予告 「初めてのケンカ…すれ違うのどかとラビリン」

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