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The Finest Hospitality!? Chiyu's Hostess Training (最高のおもてなし!?ちゆのおかみ修行 Saikō no Omote Nashi!? Chiyu no Okami Shugyō?) is the 17th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 799th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Chiyu decides to help out at the inn while Nakai-san takes a break. However, Chiyu struggles to entertain a customer who is staying at the inn...

Major Events


While eating breakfast with her family, Chiyu is told that the inn will be short on staff on the weekend, so she and Touji volunteer to help. At school, Chiyu tells her friends what she'll be doing, in which Pegitan asks if he can help. Meanwhile, at the Byogen Kingdom, Shindoine is complaining, to which Batetemoda tells her to go to a hot springs to relax. Shindoine decides she'll infect the Earth instead.

The weekend has arrived, so the staff get to work. Touji has a blind battle with Pegitan, in which Pegitan keeps cleaning the areas Touji wanted to clean. Meanwhile Chiyu is being very hardworking, which has the other staff members wonder if Chiyu is better at their job. But when Chiyu is told she'd make a great innkeeper, Haruko overhears and takes Chiyu to her room, where she tells Chiyu to put certain items in different rooms.

Wanting to know why, Chiyu talks to her mother, who tells her why. But then a foreign family arrives, and when Chiyu says hello to the little girl, Emily, she rudely looks away. Chiyu is caught off guard, but the father asks her to show them around Sukoyaka City in hopes of making Emily happier. But when she does, she notices that Emily is just not enjoying herself and wonders how to cheer her up.

So when she runs into Nodoka and Hinata at the inn, they take her to the beach, where Chiyu opens up about what has been happening. The pair give Chiyu some advice which has Chiyu running back to the inn to talk to Emily. There she learns about Emily not wanting to move to Japan, and asks Emily to play with her at the park later that day.

But suddenly it starts to rain, and thanks to Shindoine's Megabyogen, Latte gets sick. The girls rush over to the park and transform, but struggle because of the water the Megabyogen is splashing around the area. Fontaine desperately tries to protect the park though, which infuriates Shindoine. Shindoine manages to gain an upper hand on Fontaine, but Grace and Sparkle jump in to help, which gives them the opportunity to purify the Megabyogen.

After getting the Rain Element Bottle from the Rain Element Spirit, the girls play Mr Wolf with Emily and Touji. When the girls invite more kids to play with them, Emily is hesitant, but after bonding with another girl, Emily brightens up. The next day, after the Smiths leave, Chiyu tells Nao and Haruko that she loves the inn and wants to become an innkeeper who makes everyone happy.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The rest of the Sawaizumi family appear for the first time.


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第17話予告 「最高のおもてなし!?ちゆのおかみ修行」

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