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Hearts Aflutter! A Grateful Nyatoran (ハートにズッキュン!ニャトランの恩返し Hāto ni Zukkyun! Nyatoran no Ongaeshi?) is the 18th episode of Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure and is the 800th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


When Nyatoran meets a lady at a fragrance shop, his heart skip a beat, so he tries to tell her how he feels...

Major Events


Nyatoran is late to looking after Latte because he slept in. While on his way to Nodoka's house, he notices a lady staring sadly at a candle. Feeling his heart skip a beat, Nyatoran flies into the window, catching the lady's attention. At the Hiramitsu Animal Clinic, the girls, Rabirin and Pegitan are wondering where Nyatoran has been. Suddenly the lady shows up carrying a smitten Nyatoran, much to the girls surprise. After introducing herself as Orie, the lady gives back Nyatoran and leaves.

When the girls question Nyatoran, he says his heart skipped a beat when he saw Orie, which frightens Nodoka, Chiyu, Rabirin and Pegitan, as she think that means Nyatoran wants to make Orie his Pretty Cure partner. However, Hinata is all for helping Nyatoran talk to Orie, so they quickly head to Orie's store to thank her.

While they're there, the girls help Orie unpack and hand out flyers to the public so her store can gain some customers. But when the girls take a break, Nyatoran admits he feels useless because he couldn't actually help Orie himself. But Hinata comes up with an idea, which was to make her a bracelet using the bead machine.

Meanwhile Shindoine is spraying some nasty smelling perfume that she wants to give to King Byogen. But Batetemoda and Guaiwaru are having none of it, with Batetemoda quickly retreating to the human to avoid the stench. However, when he arrives on Earth, Batetemoda is met with another stench coming from Orie's store. So he infects the Fire Element Spirit inhabiting the store's lantern.

At the same time, Hinata and Nyatoran are on their way to Orie's store to give her Nyatoran's gift, when Latte gets sick. After learning what got infected, Hinata realizes it was something at Orie's store and runs off. Putting down the gift on a nearby bench, Hinata transforms after Nodoka and Chiyu join her. However, the battle doesn't go as plan, as Batetemoda decides to fight the Cures as well.

As he fights them, Sparkle notices one of the Megabyogen's missiles heading towards Nyatoran's gift. Sparkle quickly protects it, but gets hit in the process. Nyatoran is moved by Sparkle's sacrifice, and the two chat about how much they mean to each other. But as Sparkle tries to get up, she realizes she is stuck because of the wax. Fontaine notices this and quickly summons some rain with her new attack. With Sparkle now free to move, the Cures come together to purify the Megabyogen.

After getting the Fire Element Bottle from the Fire Element Spirit, Orie runs up to the girls to make sure they're okay. Just as Nyatoran works up the courage to give Orie his gift, Orie's husband, Honoo shows up, shattering Nyatoran's heart into tiny pieces. To cheer Nyatoran up, Hinata gives him juice with gummies. But as the pair comfort each other, Latte suddenly catches a cold.


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Secondary Characters


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Episode Preview


ヒーリングっど♥プリキュア 第18話予告 「ハートにズッキュン!ニャトランの恩返し」

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